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We have been very busy this week in The Den. We received a letter from The Little Pink Pig, from our story. He asked us to make him some bread for the animals on the farm. He left us some instructions to help us. 


We have been to look at the animals at Staunton Country Park this week.


We fed the animals and chose our favourite to be the main character in our new story.


We had a lovely time!

Here is a pumpkin we carved ready for 'Trick or Treat'
Picture 1
 We have enjoyed Halloween fun in the garden this week!  We have been threading halloween pasta onto threads and also carving up pumpkins and making soup with the seeds and flesh.

In Pre School and Nursery this week we have been looking at Autumn and Halloween. We have noticed how the the leaves on the trees have changed colour and have fallen off the trees and are on the ground. We've enjoyed playing in them!

Autumn fun in the leaves

Autumn fun in the leaves 1
Autumn fun in the leaves 2
Autumn fun in the leaves 3

  Welcome to 'the Den'


We are all settling well into the term and enjoying making new friends and learning lots of new things. We are enjoying learning the story of the Little Red Hen. 


Please find attached a copy of our October Newsletter. 

October Newsletter from The Den

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