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4th May

Front Lawn Primary Academy


Broadmere Avenue, Leigh Park, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 5HX

Telephone: 023 9247 5904




Minutes of the Local Committee Meeting 04.05.17


PRESENT:                Kirsty Ballantyne (KB)
Geoff Conway

Kate Couldwell (KC) – Head of School, Lower School
 Lainey Franks (LF) - Chair                               
Janette McClintock (JMcC) – Head of School, Upper School
James Munt (JM) – Executive Head


IN ATTENDANCE:    Helen Evison – Clerk

                                     Sarah Boister and 4 pupils – ‘Rights and Respect’ project – 1.20-1.30pm

                                     Hilary Street (HS) – Business Manager – until 1.50pm


APOLOGIES:            Barbara Batey (BB)

The meeting opened at 1.05pm




Apologies were received and accepted from BB.  

(Clerk’s note: It was realised after the meeting that Pete Neville had not received the invitation to the meeting as a result of which he was unable to attend.)                                                                                    



Governors noted the standing declarations:

- JM is also Executive Head at Portfield and Seal Primary Academies.

- HE clerks at other TKAT, SCC and HCC schools.

- GC is Chair of the LGBs of TKAT South and Bridgemary School.

 No interest was declared in any interest in specific agenda item.


 MINUTES OF THE LOCAL COMMITTEE OF 16th MARCH 2017                                                          

The minutes of the LC meeting of 16th March 2017 were agreed as accurate record and signed by the Chair.



Governors received the draft minutes of the Executive Committee meeting of 3rd April 2017.

GC advised that he had e-mailed Pete Neville about the possibility of taking on the H&S role but had not heard back.  Contact details to be checked and further action taken if required.                                                           ACTION: HE & GC



HE reported that Maisie Rudkin (Parent Governor) and Belinda Clack (LC Appointed) and had resigned, bringing the number of vacancies to four.

LF advised that she and GC were meeting with a prospective governor after today’s meeting.  JMcC knew of two parents who had expressed an interest in becoming governors and would pass their contact details on to LF and GC so that a meeting could be arranged.                              ACTION: JMcC (LF & GC)

It was agreed that GC would register the school with SGOSS and ‘Inspire Governance’ in the hope of identifying more potential governors.    ACTION: GC

It was agreed that LF and KB would continue to represent Front Lawn and the Executive Committee.



1.20pm SB and pupil representatives joined the meeting

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is a human rights treaty which sets out the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children.

SB introduced the ‘Rights and Respect Ambassadors’ from Years 3-6 who explained to governors how they each had ‘Class Charters’, were developing responsibilities and working on weekly behaviour challenges in school.

Q: LF asked the pupils to give an example of a behaviour challenge.

A: All adults should know and respect the rights of all children and children should show respect for adults and each other.

Q: GC asked whether more pupils were involved.

A: Yes, there were more.

It was a co-incidence that the KS2 Ambassadors were all girls; there were boys representing KS1.

Q: JM asked how the Ambassadors been selected.

A: Where there were several volunteers the other pupils had decided who would represent them.

Q: Were the Class Charters unique?

A: Yes.

Q: JM asked when the project had started and whether it was working.

A: It started halfway through last year and, yes, the pupils thought that people were being more respectful than before.

Governors thanked SB and the pupils.

1.30pm SB and pupil representatives left the meeting

KB asked whether the project might be publicised to parents.  JM suggested that this and other initiatives could be outlined in a ‘Who’s Who’ booklet at the start of each academic year.



Internal Audit Report

HS presented and governors reviewed the summary of TKAT Internal Audit recommendations and actions circulated with the agenda. Governors noted that there were few findings and that all except one were low risk.  Governors agreed the proposed actions.  GC congratulated HS.

Financial Monitoring 2016/17 to date

HS presented and governors reviewed the year to date revenue expenditure report circulated with the agenda.  The expenditure for cost centre groups was close to 58% of budget, (the proportion expected to be spent at this stage in the year if expenditure was evenly distributed over the year), except that for curriculum-related expenditure.  Curriculum expenditure, which is typically front-end loaded, was at 66%. 

Q: JM queried figure of £9129 for EDICT ICT,

A: HS explained that this was probably mis-coded.

Q: GC noted that expenditure on STSUP Supply Staff was 50% over budget and asked how this was being managed.

A: HS advised that additional funding had been allocated.  Staff advised that use of supply staff was being avoided wherever possible.

HS concluded that she anticipated that there would be an in--year deficit this financial year but that reserves (the carry forward from 2015/16) were sufficient to enable the school to meet all TKAT’s requirements.

Draft Budget 2017/18 and projections to 2021/22

Governors reviewed the year draft budget and projections circulated with the agenda.  HS highlighted that, on the basis of current assumptions, projected carry forwards were in excess of £160,000 until 2020/2, i.e. met TKAT’s ‘funding cushion’ requirements.

Q: GC asked what risks might justify being required to hold the 7% surplus.

A: the two main risks identified were the funding formula and pupil numbers.

However, KC advised that numbers in the nursery were increasing and that this was the first year that the school was full in YrR for September this far in advance.  JM added that as a consequence of poor inspection outcomes and results-related issues at other local schools it was likely that pupil numbers would exceed those upon which the budget was based.  Also, if the school achieved ‘Teaching School’ status funding would exceed that currently budgeted.

Q: GC asked HS how well the new finance system was working.

A: HS said that it was creating a lot of work but that progress was being made.  One advantage of the new system was that, provided these were set-up correctly, budget holders would be able to monitor expenditure themselves.

Q: GC asked if there was a limit on in –year changes that could be made within the overall budget.

A: HS explained that each year they were required to report outcomes against the original budget to the EFA.  Also, virements, if any, were reported to/agreed with governors.


As the 2017/18 budget was not yet ready for approval it was agreed to delegate responsibility to LF, GC and JM to approve the budget in due course.  It was planned to meet at 0930 on 23rd May (i.e. shortly before the Executive Committee meeting at Seal) to approve the 2017/18 budget for submission to TKAT.                                                                  ACTION: HS, LF, GC, JM & HE

HS left the meeting at 1.50pm



JM reported that, unfortunately, there was no report from BC who had resigned. GC offered to cover H&S for this term.                                             ACTION: GC



KC distributed copies of the RAG-rated PP spend and impact report for 2016/17, Attachment 1 and took questions arising.

Summary of spend:

Support for disadvantaged pupils                                         £  100,700

Family Liaison                                                                       £    32,000

Improving the quality of literature children have access to   £    22,500

Coaching for staff (feedback to pupils)                                 £    20,000 

Collaborative learning environments                                    £      7,500

Digital technology                                                                 £    10,500

Total                                                                                     £  193,200


JM confirmed that spending exceeded funding.


Q: LF asked what ‘Pupil Conferencing’ entailed.

A: Talking with the children and getting their views.

Q: GC asked whether vulnerable pupils tended to have more than one challenge and, consequently, multiple interventions.

A: KC said that this varied.  The first support was quality teaching and, if there were specific needs this was supplemented with specific interventions.

Q: GC asked whether any one of the five barriers, (low income, mental and physical health of parents, attendance, unsettled family arrangements and domestic violence), dominated.

A: No, they were frequently linked.

Q: GC asked whether the school could or did measure children’s attitudes.

A: KC said that they gained a picture from conferencing.  JMcC added that they used Boxall profiling, an attitudinal survey.

KB commented children were very different; there was not always a correlation between happiness and engagement with school.

Q: LF asked why three of the spend areas were rated amber, rather than green.

A: KC said that they were in progress and were expected to be rated green by year-end.

Q: Did they expect to continue with similar plans/spends next year?

A: Largely, yes; they planned to modify spend to support attendance and some of the digital spend would not be required.



JMcC outlined application of the Sports Funding received, £9,480 for 2016/17.

- They continued to improve the quality of PE teaching; the Coach and two staff had completed sports psychology course and this had been cascaded via staff meetings.  Other staff were following a multi-skills course which ran until the end of May.

- They were trying to increase pupils’ ‘active time’ to 2 hours each day; active break and active lunch activities were organised by the midday supervisors.

- The biggest spend had been on the recently installed outside gym equipment which was very popular.

- It was planned to get equipment for each class and to explain to children the links between exercise and fitness.

Q: GC asked whether there were still ‘School Sports Co-ordinators’.

A: JM said yes, there was a similar role but this was filled by an individual at each school, rather than having one for a group of schools.

Q: Did the children participate in interschool competitions?
A: Yes, across TKAT South and with Tangmere.

Q: LF asked whether staff monitored the children’s participation in exercise and how pupils might be encouraged to participate.

A: The Midday Supervisors ensured that the ‘active’ programmes ran and sometimes upper school children would support lower school children.



Health & Safety

It was agreed not to submit any comments on the latest H&S Policy proposals from TKAT central and to adopt this once it had been finalised.

Governors’ Allowances and Charging & Remissions

It was agreed to check whether there were TKAT models and, if not, to consider introduction of a model for TKAT South schools at the Executive Committee.


GC requested that an allowance for governors’ training be included the 2017/18 budget.                                                                                     ACTION: HS & JM



JM advised that there was little new to report; one of the Yr3 teachers and the Sports Coach had resigned, however the deadline for resignations had not yet been reached.





GC advised that David Linsell, TKAT Governance, had circulated a model LGB year planner based upon the Scheme of Delegation and that GC was working on the allocation of the various responsibilities between the Executive and Local Committees in the TKAT South model.

JM highlighted that each TKAT South school had 3 individual objectives in addition to the generic responsibilities.

GM explained that he was still working on this plan but that he hoped to present a model at the next Executive Committee meeting.                 ACTION: GC (HE)

LF thanked GC and KB for their support.




Portfield Local Committee

Friday 5th May at 1300



Seal Local Committee

Friday 12th May at 1300



TKAT South Exec Committee

Tuesday 23rd May at 1000

venue Seal

Seal Local Committee

Wednesday 14th June at 1300



Front Lawn Local Committee

Tuesday 4th July at 1000



Portfield Local Committee

Tuesday 4th July at 1300



TKAT South Exec Committee

Monday 17th July 0930

venue Portfield




The meeting closed at 2.30pm

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