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E-Safety Cyber Ambassadors

The Cyber Ambassadors 2020-2021

Miss Ashman and the Cyber Ambassadors have some new recruits!

Year 3 - Sienna & Charley

Year 4 - Oscar & Scarlett

Year 5 - Rayan & Grace

Year 6 - Kenny & Ethan

We are looking forward to working on our new Aims and Actions this year.

25.2.20 - Our First E-Safety Assembly - A Spot of Cyber Monster Defeating!

Miss Ashman was very proud of the E-Safety Champions on Tuesday, as they delivered their first Whole School Assembly, teaching all their school mates about how to defeat each of the cyber monsters by being safe on the internet. 



14.2.20 Cyber Ambassador Training  #GOFISH!

Our E-Safety Champions have now received their official training from the Police and Crime Commissioners. We learnt so much about the different cyber threats and how the internet is like a spiderweb which needs to be protected and we have the responsibility to keep ourselves safe whilst online.

We met the 5 Cyber Monsters and learnt how to defeat them!  



Meet our amazing E-Safety Legends!

Our wonderful E-Safety Legends are pleased to meet you! We represent Front Lawn and enjoy keeping our school safe on the internet! We work together, with Miss Ashman's help, to think about the current online climate and give advice to the school about how to keep safe online.


    Y2 - Oscar + Scarlett

Y3 - Rayan & Grace

Y4 - Kenny & Ethan

Y5 - Alfie & Maisie


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