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The new framework for reading (DFE) states that the teaching of phonics should be quick and rigorous ensuring that no time is wasted.  They state that if reading and writing is not practised enough then children will fail to make sufficient progress.  With this in mind, we use the Sounds-Write programme for the systematic and rigorous teaching of phonics.  It is a quality first phonics programme and is acknowledged by the DfE as meeting all its criteria for an effective phonics teaching programme.  Sounds-Write offers teachers a structure for the teaching of phonics that is cumulative, sequential, explicit and code-oriented. It places equal weighting on both reading and spelling as well as giving the children the opportunity to write the words that they are spelling.  

The introduction of Sounds-Write has seen our Year 1 Phonics results increase from 42% (2014) to 91% (2020).

Phonics in pre-school

The teaching of phonics starts in pre-school.  At the beginning of the year children explore sounds, experiment with writing the sounds through play and through the use of pen and paper.   When the children are ready Sounds Write initial code is taught.     


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