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Welcome Back!

We hope you have enjoyed the summer break.

Your new pre-school team is ready to go. 

The Pre-school team consists of:

Mrs Lamb

Mrs Humphreys

Mrs Ryder

Miss Channing

Mrs Fairweather.


Autumn Term Book Launch

Autumn Term Book Launch 1
Autumn Term Book Launch 2
Autumn Term Book Launch 3
Autumn Term Book Launch 4
Autumn Term Book Launch 5
Autumn Term Book Launch 6
Autumn Term Book Launch 7
Autumn Term Book Launch 8

We got a letter from Brown Bear explaining that he had lost his friends on the way to a picnic.

He asked if we could help find them.

We had to follow the clues to find the missing bears.


When we had found them all, we followed the last clue to find a big bear at a picnic.

He gave us all a biscuit and left us with a story. 


This story is our book that we are learning about for the first half term. 

It is called... We're Going On A Bear Hunt. 

Our Essential Question for this term is ....... Are All Bears Scary? 
Picture 1

Please add to our Parent Pride board if your child has done something you are proud of. This can be something they have done for the first time, or something they have been trying to do for a long time. It could just be something exciting like a holiday! Write it down on the post its available and stick it on our board. 


Don't forget to change your reading book at our book station each session. The children seem to really enjoy sharing books with their special people. 
Picture 1

We have been really enjoying our Music Bugs sessions. We have been caught in a snowstorm, gone through the jungle and been under the sea. We are learning lots of new songs! We have sung Let it Go, 5 little ducks and 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a crab alive. 


To see more pictures please come and look in our Pre-School scrapbook.  

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