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Your child will bring home a reading book that they have chosen with their teacher.  They need to read to an adult every night; reading the pictures, practising their initial sounds and learning their key words. 


The key words that your child needs to be able to spell and read by the end of Year R are:

I, go, come, want, up, you, day, was, look, are, the, of, we, this, dog, me, like, going, big, she, and, they, my, see, on, away, mum it, at, play, no, yes, for, a, dad, can, he, am, all, is, cat, get, said, to, in


Children will also receive a book at the end of each half term that you can share with them.   In addition to your child reading to you every night, it will help their language development and expression if you can also share a book with them.

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