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Reading spine

Reading is at the heart of our curriculum and the children are exposed to high quality literature from Nursery through to Year 6.  There is a reading spine which ensures that every year children have the opportunity to read and study 6 different authors, 6 different genres of nonfiction and a range of poetry.  This spine is constantly evaluated and updated to take into account both popular and new authors.  These texts are bought for the children to use in class and they also have an individual copy for them to take home with them.  This not only builds their library of books at home (54 books over their time with us from Nursery onwards) but also works towards increasing their cultural capital and increasing their knowledge of a range of diverse authors and texts.   


The reading spine (fiction and nonfiction) sequences the reading tools that teachers will focus on whilst teaching that text - these range from predicting, summarising, questioning and imagining - as well as ensuring that the purpose for reading that text is clear.   



An example of Year 4 is below: 

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