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Science Scheme of Work


Learning in Science follows the National Curriculum Programme of Study.

Year Group

Area of Study                

Famous Scientists to study

Similarities and difference between humans, animal habitats,

simple forces

What is a scientist?
Year 1Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Amy Vedder (Biologist)

Charles Macintosh (Chemist)

Inez Fung (Physicist)

Year 2Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Steve Irwin (Biologist)

Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier (Chemist)

Meteorologist - Anders Celcius (Physicist)

Year 3Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Charles Darwin (Biologist)

Sir Humphrey Davy (Chemist)

James Clerk Maxwell (Physicist)

Year 4Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Carl Linnaeus (Biologist)

Alfred Bahard Nobel (Chemist)

Heinrich Hertz  (Physicist)

Year 5Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Heather M Briggs (Biologist)

Marie Curie (Chemist)

Issac Newton  (physicist)

Year 6Biology, Chemistry, Physics

Marie Tharp (Chemist)

Stephen Gray (Chemist)

 Jean- Bernard-Leon Foucault (Physicist)



Every unit of work has an associated knowledge web that goes with it.

See below for a KS1 and a KS2 example.

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