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TKAT Coast Executive Committee November 2017

Minutes of a meeting of the Executive Committee of TKAT South held on
28th November 2017 at Front Lawn Primary Academy, Broadmere Ave, Havant


PRESENT:                 Kirsty Ballantyne (KB) – Front Lawn LC

Geoff Conway (GC) - Chair

Kate Couldwell (KC) – Head of Lower School Front Lawn

Maureen Hensman – Portfield LC

James Munt (JM) – Executive Head

Malcolm Porter (MK) – Portfield and Front Lawn LCs

Mel Strachan (MS) – Head Seal Primary

Andrew Strong (AS) – Head Portfield


IN ATTENDANCE:    Helen Evison – Clerk

                                    Sarah Read – Deputy Head Front Lawn


APOLOGIES:            Lainey Franks (LF) - Front Lawn LC

Mark Kyrillou (MK) – Seal LC


The meeting opened at 10am




Action party



Apologies were received from LF and MK. The apologies were accepted.




Governors noted the standing declarations:

- GC is a TKAT employee and Chair of the LGBs of TKAT South and Bridgemary School.

- HE clerks at other TKAT, SCC and HCC schools.

- JM is Executive Head at Front Lawn, Seal and Portfield Primary Academies.

- KB works part time at Front Lawn
No interest was declared in any specific agenda item.




SR explained that one particular strength of Front Lawn was the ‘AIM high’ curriculum.  However, this was established so today she planned to talk about continuing professional development (CPD) and the Teaching Career Profile (TCP). SR presented a series of slides, distributed copies of the TCP self-assessment grid and took questions arising.

The staff questionnaire had indicated that teachers felt that performance management and plans for development were applied to them, rather than their feeling that they were involved in these processes.

SR explained that the grid enabled teachers to assess themselves, to feed their assessments into performance management (PM) discussions and to identify areas for development.  Consequently staff felt they had influence over and were involved in their development.

Another target was improvement in the understanding of data.  They were now plotting pupils on to combined Venn diagrams for reading, writing and maths so they could see who was ‘on-track’ for single subjects, 2-subject combinations and all three subjects.

Q: KB asked whether there was anything for the children who were further ahead.

A: These charts were for vulnerable groups; teachers were aware of the pupils who might achieve ‘greater depth’.

SR explained that in an attempt to improve the PM process discussions using each teacher’s self-assessment grid and pupils’ data were held in a local coffee shop, rather than at school.  They also made sure that everyone had an individual line manager.

Q: AS asked how they dealt with confidentiality?

A: they sat in a quiet corner.

In order to ensure that CDP was, in fact, ‘continuing’, each teacher was given a peer coach.

Q: GC asked how this worked with so few staff.

A: All staff had had coaching training; all were both coach and coached.

Q: GC asked how often teachers had formal meetings with their line managers.

A: The initial plan had been every two weeks but this did not work well and now they had meetings as and when issues arose.

Q: GC asked how staff felt about the process.

A: SR said that the self-assessment enabled staff to feel well prepared and reactions to the informal setting were positive.

Q: MH asked whether managers found teachers’ self-assessments reasonable.

A: Yes, they were sensible and facilitated manageable, measureable targets.

Q: GC asked whether this was an annual cycle and whether the use of the coffee shop was a one-off.

A: It was an annual cycle but three were mid-year reviews, too.  The coffee shop idea would be repeated.

Q: MH asked when the next staff survey was to be held.

A: There would be another before Christmas.




The following  were agreed:   

  1. Vice-Chair  - Maureen Hensman
  2. Looked After Children (LAC), Child Protection & Safeguarding
    - Mark Kyrillou
  3. Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

GC to approach LF

  1. Health & Safety  - Neil Sherlock
  2. Finance and Resources - Maureen Hensman










The minutes of the Executive meeting of 17th July 2017 were agreed as accurate record and signed by the Chair.

Governors reviewed the action items:


Agree governor with H&S focus

Agenda item



Agenda item


Parents’ Facebook page

Referred to LGCs


Headteachers to add glossary of abbreviations to dashboards



Data for Portfield (with/without SSC)

Referred to LGC


Governors Impact Statements



Standardisation of websites

Agenda item


Communication and use of social media

Agenda item


Put times on agendas and attempt to reduce time spent on routine administrative items






There had been no emergency action.

GC had attended the TKAT Governors’ Conference and had made a presentation about TKAT South.  Yasmin Maskatiya, the Regional Director, had presented to the TKAT Coast schools; regional devolution was a significant structural change within TKAT; working together was also on the current agenda.




Governors noted receipt of the draft minutes of the latest LC minutes for each school. 

GC reported that he had been to 9 TKAT South school meetings of various kinds this term.  These were his reflections. Structured agendas were more systematic and would help when it came to writing annual reports; they ensured that items were covered and were a good source of evidence; the quality of the information provided by Headteachers was better and this allowed higher quality discussion at the LGCs. GC asked for other’s views.

MH said that the finance focus meetings were rather dry; perhaps teaching and non-teaching items could be covered at the same meeting.  GC said that they all needed to be covered but perhaps items could be moved around. 

It was noted that:

- People had been unsure that ‘benchmarking’ was intended to cover finance measures rather than academic ones.

- Some items were out of sync with school timings, e.g. attempting to monitor the SIP before it had been completed.

AS suggested a review at year end.  GC asked everyone to look critically at the model agendas.   It was agreed to do a full review at Easter so that changes could be agree in time or introduction in September.


GC highlighted that the Terms of Reference for the Pay Coms needed to be updated to reflect the TKAT South structure and that procedures could be coordinated to share strengths across the schools.


GC advised that the LGCs at Seal and Front Lawn were still below strength; it was inappropriate to rely on one or two governors to cover everything; new governors were sought.

Q: KB asked what sort of people were wanted.

A: People who were committed to the children, committed to the school, who were able to work as a team and were available to attend meetings.


GC said that it was unhelpful to have papers tabled at meetings; governors needed time to read everything in advance if they were going to be effective, ask the right questions and keep the duration of meetings reasonable.


GC invited others to give their impressions.  MP said he felt that things were going well; AS said yes, he felt that the governors at Portfield were there for the school.  HE reiterated that it was essential that governors be available to attend meetings; if necessary times might need to be changed.


In conclusion GC advised that he would be happy to chat with any potential governors, just get in contact and he would arrange things.








Governors reviewed two lists, Attachments 1 and 2, previously circulated.

GC advised that TKAT policies would be agreed and adopted on behalf of all TKAT South schools at LGB or Executive meetings.

Q: Looking at Attachment 1, the Statutory Policy list, KB asked why, in some cases there was no TKAT policy.

A: Unless this was simply a matter of time, these were not specified in the Scheme of Delegation and would sensibly be different from school to school.


HE advised that the Pay Policy (not statutory for academies) should, never the less be common across all TKAT South schools.  It was agreed to check whether there were any others in this category.












(GC & JM)



JM outlined the current school to school support and explained that some would change next term.  Refer page 1 of Attachment 3.

AS commented that Sarah Walton’s contribution at Portfield was very valuable.  JM highlighted that support was now also being given to Tangmere.

The scope and membership of the working parties was shown on page 2 of Attachment 3.

It was proposed and agreed that one or two of the working parties be invited to update governors at each Exec meeting starting with Attendance and EYFS.

Governors discussed the advantages and disadvantages of Tangmere joining TKAT South.  It was suggested that it was best to consolidate before considering extension.

Governors concluded that the TKAT South model was strong and sustainable.








MS & AS (HE)



The next Exec meeting 10am Weds 21st March 2018 at Seal

Thereafter 10am Weds 11th July at Portfield


Front Lawn

LGC (C,T&L) Mon 22nd Jan at 1300

LGC (F&R) Mon 5th March at 1300

LGC (C,T&L) Mon 30th April at 1300

LGC (F&R) Mon 2nd July at 1300



LGC (C,T&L) Weds 31st Jan at 1000

LGC (F&R) Tues 27th Feb at 1000

LGC (C,T&L) Mon 21st May at 1000

LGC (F&R) Weds 13th June at 1000



LGC (CT&L) Thurs 18th Jan at 1530

LGC (F&R) Tues 13th March at 1530

LGC (CT&L) Thurs 10th  May at 1530

LGC (F&R) Tues 3rd July at 1530







The meeting closed at 11.15am

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