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Treetops and Ivy

Treetops Home Learning 2022


Maths tasks

  • Practise telling the time - see if your child can tell you when it is a certain time or see if they can tell you what the time would be in one hour/10 minutes etc
  • Practise counting forwards and backwards in 2's, 5's and 10's.
  • Try  and recall as many times tables as you can. Try giving your child some times tables questions and seeing if they can find the answer.
  • Number bonds to 20 - can you find all of the different ways to make 20?


Writing tasks

  • Write a recount of your day.
  • Keep a weather diary - make a note each morning, lunch and evening detailing what the weather has been like.
  • Write a description of a pet or family member.
  • Write a letter to your favourite celebrity.
  • Write a job application for your dream job, listing all of your wonderful qualities.
  • Write a silly story! Perhaps your pet is the baddie, or something silly happens to a family member!


Reading tasks

  • Share a story with someone you love.
  • Choose your favourite story and create a comic strip or a sequel!
  • Read signs on your daily walk.
  • Look in magazines for new vocabulary - can you find any synonyms?



  • Use GoNoodle to practise some meditation.
  • Go and play outside
  • See how many starjumps/burpees etc you can do in 1 minute.
  • Go for a nature walk



To Treetops parents,
As many of our Treetops children are currently at school, home learning will continue to be provided via emails and in response to individual needs. Please continue to read daily and use the phonicsplay  website to practise sounds and BBC  Bite Size for maths. Keep an eye on Marvellous Me for ‘hellos’, activities and badges and email me or let me know during phone calls, of anything you need and I can always drop it round to you. Stay safe and happy. Mrs Brace
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