The Kemnal Academies Trust is one of the largest Multi-Academy Trusts in the South and East of England with 45 Special, Primary, Secondary and All Through Academies in the TKAT Family.

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Our trust and all our TKAT schools have in place a range of policies and procedures in order to comply with our duty to

  • eliminate discrimination, harassment, victimisation and other conduct prohibited by the Equality Act 2010
  • advance equality of opportunity between those who share a relevant protected characteristic and those who do not
  • and foster good relations between those who share a relevant protected characteristic and those who do not

You can find our equalities approach and policy, including our school’s equality objectives,  HERE.

Single Equalities Statement

We welcome the equality duties in schools. We believe that all pupils and members of staff should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential whatever their background, identity and circumstance. We are committed to creating a community that recognises and celebrates differences within a culture of respect and cooperation. We appreciate that a culture which promotes equality in relation to all protected characteristics (age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation) will create a positive environment and a shared sense of belonging for all who work, learn and use the services of our school. Our commitment to equality and diversity is a fundamental part of our drive towards excellence.

We recognise that equality will only be achieved by the whole school community working together – our learners, staff, governors and parents in particular.

As a school we have worked hard to ensure we deliver a diverse curriculum and children study a range of exceptional people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures.

Year 1

"Zach came home this afternoon telling me all about diversity (he said the word straight out, no hesitation on how to say it). He then went on to tell me all about what it means. How Harley has different-coloured hair and eyes to him but the same skin. The pictures they drew of each other's faces. The video they saw of the girl with 'hook' legs. "But she is still like us," he says.  "Her legs were really cool, mummy, like a robot." he also mentioned people in "Chairs with wheels, wheelchairs!" he confirmed.


  • My son knows the meaning of Diversity.
  • My son loved learning all about our differences but how we are the same.
  • My son loved learning.

Thank you."