The Kemnal Academies Trust is one of the largest Multi-Academy Trusts in the South and East of England with 45 Special, Primary, Secondary and All Through Academies in the TKAT Family.

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Our approach to behaviour is based on extensive research and consultation with children, parents and staff.  

At Front Lawn we believe, “ Visible consistency with visible kindness allows exceptional behaviour to flourish.”   All staff act with one voice and children are given time and space to regulate their emotions.    It is also intrinsically linked to the United Nation Convention of human rights.  We strongly believe that all children should have knowledge of and access to these rights and be able to express them articulately when thinking about their behaviour.  

We ensure that children have a caring environment where they feel safe, happy and nurtured. Our emphasis is on rewarding above and beyond behaviour and preventing poor behaviour before it occurs. We expect all our children to know the school rules and to be honest and responsible regarding their own behaviour. All our staff will use POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT at all times. 

At Front Lawn, we have 3 simple rules that underpin everything we do.  We expect children to be ready to learn, respectful to all and keep themselves and others safe.  These rules ensure that all children are treated fairly and learn how to be part of our community.

Our Approach to Behaviour Management is based around the following principles:

  • Positive approaches focusing on rewarding good behaviour choices are more effective than those which focus on unacceptable behaviour
  • A non-confrontational approach is always adopted
  • Prevention is more effective than reaction
  • All adults in the school are consistent, diligent and good role models
  • Constant reminders of our high expectations are given
  • Good relationships between adults and children are vital

We believe children behave well when:

  • They are engaged and interested in the work they are given
  • They can access work and not be given anything too easy or too difficult.
  • They have a varied curriculum – not all Literacy and Maths!
  • There are high expectations which focus on positive behaviour
  • They are constantly reminded about expectations and rewarded for doing well
  • They are enabled to engage in decision making at an appropriate level (choices in behaviour)
  • Rewards and consequences are used consistently and fairly by all adults
  • They are respected and listened to

A well-managed classroom has the following elements:

  • children are met by their teacher at the start of each session;
  • children are supervised at all times;
  • mindful moments are being used to divert any potential poor behaviour 
  • children are aware of class routines;
  • children understand what is required of them;
  • children respect one another,
  • staff maintain self-control at all times.
  • regular PSHE slots are planned for (thrive informs this)
  • children are not named and shamed’ any consequences are given privately


We believe rewarding children who make the right choices and always follow the rules is vital. We also recognise that there are children who have made improvements with their behaviour who also need recognition.

Class Rewards:

Teachers are free to choose an additional reward system for their own class, which may involve aspects such as raffle tickets, table points, behaviour leaves, behaviour cards etc.

Individual School Rewards:

Children earn bands for showing certain behaviours, which in turn allow the child certain privileges.  All children start by earning a rainbow band and can then progress through bronze, silver and finally gold!  

Children are sorted into 4 different houses which are named after Universities (Warwick, Oxford, Cambridge and Durham)   Children earn individual house points for their house and then these are tallied as a whole school during celebration assembly.   

Positive Power capes are awarded to children from each class when they demonstrate one of our positive powers. These are: Working together, Imagine, Don’t give up, Persevere, Understand others and Try new things. 

Postcards home will be sent to celebrate any good learning/choices made within the classroom.

Each class will have a recognition board which will recognise a child’s efforts towards key learning in the classroom. 

Teachers will recognise work for exceptional effort. Children will visit SLT with whom they will share their success.  A member of SLT will then award and send a marvellous me to the child’s parents and share how proud they are with them.

VIP certificates will be awarded weekly. These children are then celebrated in a ‘spin the wheel’ assembly which gives the VIP to win an additional treat for themselves or their class.    Children will be recognised for being impressive, being ready to learn, being respectful or showing exceptional achievement.  

Read our Engagement Policy for more information