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Year 6

Curriculum coverage Autumn 2021

We welcome your children back to school ready for their very last year with us at Front Lawn Primary. We are looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

This half term the children are focusing on a project thanking the people that have helped us during COVID. Please see below this half term's learning journey.


Year 6 team:

Miss Boister and Mr McRae (SCITT student)  - Chestnut class

Mr Craig and Mrs Watts - Sycamore class



We expect children to be practising their times tables every day and reading for 10 minutes a day. We will also give out additional learning too.


PE - Friday

Children will be required to attend school dressed in their PE kits on their allocated PE days. They will then stay in these. 

Autumn 1 Learning Journey




To help with grammar, children can access these links.


Sing with Grammarsaurus - Nouns:



Sing with Grammarsaurus - Co-ordinating Conjunctions (FANBOYS):


Sing with Grammarsaurus - Subordinating Conjunctions (A WHITE BUS):    


SPAG Poster

This week, Year 6 are focusing on all aspects of fractions and stories around The Windrush, using a text called Mother Country.

To practise fraction skills, children can access: 


To find out more about The Windrush Generation, children can find information below:



The Windrush Generation

On Wednesday 11th November, Year 6 experienced the wonderful opportunity of being part of a live WW1 webinar.  They learnt about the reasons behind why WW1 started and how it proceeded. Afterwards, the children were given an opportunity to be part of a question and answer session. Following this, we held a two minute silence to remember all those that had lost their lives and for the people who continue to fight for us.


Well done Year 6.



This week both Year 6 classes, were virtually taken to the funfair! They were immersed in a Now Press Play experience, (through wearing handphones) they were faced with giving advice to a young person when he was being bullied. The children loved every minute of role playing this and thought of sensible suggestions to help!

 We hope to use the Now Press Play equipment again for another lesson. 


2020 Leavers

Still image for this video

Chestnut Singing

Still image for this video

Sycamore Singing

Still image for this video

Summer Term Spelling task

Welcome to the Year 6 remote learning ideas.

We have collated a range of activities for your child to access whilst school is closed.  

Firstly, we want your child to be Secondary school ready so many of our tasks will be focusing upon this.

The regular tasks are known to the children (maybe presented in a different way) and will be building on previous knowledge.


On top of this, we will be adding ideas weekly on this blog so learning can continue to be varied. 


Any queries please email  with a subject of Year 6 plus your child's name


Thank you for your understanding and support at this time

Take care of your families


Miss Garrod  Mr Lushington  Ms Batey  Mr Kops



Regular basic skills Y6

Week 23.03.20

Highwayman Task

Additional Maths: Crack the code

Hannah Rose Thomas


This week we began our art unit.  We are learning about the amazing work of Hannah Rose Thomas, a young British artist who has become famous for her amazing humanitarian work in bringing the stories of refugees from around the world into the public eye.  



Tuesday 12th November 2019




This week is Anti Bullying week.   Throughout the week the children will be participating in activities to really understand what bullying is, what it is like to be bullied and to explore reasons why some children bully others.  


At Front Lawn we do not tolerate bullying under any circumstances and we encourage any child who feels that they have been a victim of bullying to speak up and tell an adult.    





This is a sound recording of the moment that World War 1 came to an end at 11 O'Clock on the 11th November 1918

Still image for this video
Listen carefully to the silence that follows the ceasefire. What do you hear?

Today we shared a special assembly to celebrate Armistice Day.

Spellings for a test on Friday 25th October

Well done for all your practice at home, it is really starting to pay off!    Test results in spellings are improving as a direct result of all your hard work!


  • notice
  • occasion
  • occasionally
  • often
  • opposite
  • ordinary
  • material
  • medicine
  • mention
  • minute
  • natural
  • naughty

Spellings for a test on Friday 18th October

Well done for all your practice at home, it is really starting to pay off!    Test results in spellings are improving as a direct result of all your hard work!


Spellings for this week are:


  • interest
  • island
  • knowledge
  • learn
  • length
  • library
  • heart
  • height
  • history
  • imagine
  • increase
  • important

Science at the Academy

Spellings for Monday 14th October:


  • experiment
  • extreme
  • famous
  • favourite
  • February
  • forward
  • fruit
  • grammar
  • group
  • guard
  • guide
  • heard


Maths Homework for this week focusses on Place Value. Due back from ALL CHILDREN by Friday 4th October please!

Maths Homework for this week focusses on Place Value. Due back from ALL CHILDREN by Friday 4th October please!

The next spelling test for Year 6 will be on Friday 4th October.


The words to be tested are:

  • decide
  • describe
  • different
  • difficult
  • disappear
  • early
  • earth
  • eighth
  • enough
  • exercise
  • experience


Please help your child learn these spellings as this is a key focus for our children in Year 6 at the moment!


Many thanks


Mr Lushington, Miss Rodriguez and Mrs Garrod. 



Children on the Edge

On Friday 13th September Year 6 were visited by Children on the Edge, a charity  that exists to help marginalised and forgotten children, who are living on the edge of their societies. These are children without parental care, neglected or persecuted by their governments, ignored by international media and missed by large overseas agencies.


We learned a great deal about the effects of war on Children. Did you know that there are now over 24.5 million refugees around the world seeking safety from current conflicts.   Astonishingly over 75% of these refugees are children.  


We learned about what it is like to have to leave your home and to live in a refugee camp, in very poor conditions and with many other families.


Our aim this term will be to raise awareness on the life of children affected by war and to raise money  to support this amazing charity.


To find out more visit:

​Working in partnership with local communities, we help create safe, child friendly environments. We support children to realise their rights, and restore the ingredients of a full childhood by generating hope, life, colour and fun. 

Today we were treated by Havant Academy who came to do some taster lessons for us.  First we heard the magical musical talents of Year 11 as they performed "Valerie" by Amy Winehouse.


This was followed by a lot of bangs and explosions as their Science Teacher set fire to helium and ethanol!



To launch our topic Year 6 visited Milestones for a throw back in time to experience life during the Blitz.

Our trip to Milestones in Basingstoke to launch our topic work.

This term we will be asking the question: What is the true cost of war?


We will be learning about World Wars 1 and 2 as well as looking at current conflicts that are happening around the world.  In particular we will be focussing on the impact of conflict on society and what is it like to be a refugee.

Our essential question this term is: What is the true cost of war?

Year 6 2019/2020

Welcome back to another school year. This year the Year 6 team are:


 Mr Lushington & Mrs Horrell - Chestnut Class

 Miss Rodriguez & Mrs Kettle - Sycamore Class

 Mrs Garrod & Mrs Tremain as additional teaching staff.



         Tuesday: PE day (please ensure your child has a PE kit that stays in school.

         Fridays: VIP Assembly 9 am  


  Key Dates:


Friday 6th September - Trip to Hampton Milestones - school uniform to be worn.

Tuesday 10th September - Havant Academy to visit Year 6 for Taster Lessons

Monday 16th September - Taster day at Park Community School for Year 6 children.


Home learning


Each child is expected to practise their target tables each night and read for 10-20 minutes. Please sign your child's reading diary (these will be given out shortly) and ensure they bring it into school the following day where they will receive a stamp leading to a reward later on in the term. 


Weekly Spellings will also be given out.  Please assist your child by ensuring that they learn their spellings in time for their weekly test.


If you have any questions or would like any help with home learning then just pop in to see one of us. 

The Year 6 Team. smiley

      The last week of Year 6 has finally arrived!

It will be a jammed-packed week full of laughter and a few tears thrown in.

Tuesday: Leaver's assembly at 1:45 pm - parents may sign their children out once this is finished.

Wednesday: Reports go home accompanied by the SATs results.

Thursday: Butlins - for children 100 points or more.

Friday: Shirt signing and the final VIP of the year at 2 pm.







This week's Very Important Persons were:


 Chestnut Class:  Leighton Trickett for applying an excellent and positive approach towards the Leaver's assembly practise.  

Sycamore Class: Meme for the excellent progress made within reading and writing.  



Well done   - keep up the fantastic work!!!smiley

Year 6

Sex, Relationships Education 


There will be a parents meeting on Tuesday 25th June 3:15 - 3:45 pm 

The teaching of this will start on Wednesday 26th June. 

Year 6 Leaver's Assembly


It is  that time of year again when we say goodbye to our Year 6 children.


Our Year 6 Leavers assembly will on Tuesday 16th July at 1:45 pm


We look forward to seeing you then.

The Year 6 team hope that you all had a fantastic and restful half term - we welcome the children back for their last half term of Front Lawn Primary Academy.  The remaining Summer Term, looks to be jam-packed with many exciting opportunities for children and parents alike. We look forward to the swimming lessons, a whole school Summer Production, Butlins and Year 6's Leavers assembly.  


We look forward to seeing you soon. 

 We would like to thank all the children for their hard work and effort during SATs. The children showed growing maturity and resilience throughout. Additionally, we would like to thank the parents for all your support too. 



As we return to school after the Spring half term, we are getting closer to SATs. SATs week is the week commencing Monday 13th May through to Thursday 16th May. Below is a short video to explain these assessments. If you have any concerns or queries then please come and see a member of the Year 6 team.  

2019 KS2 tests

A summary of the Key Stage 2 tests that Year 6 pupils will take in England in May 2019. Aimed particularly at parents. Downloadable version available here:

Budding Scienctists at Havant Academy - a lesson on the digestive system.

Year 6 Spring Term Topic Journey

History- World War One Timelines

As part of our History topic, Year 6 had the opportunity to create their own timelines based on the battles of WW1. Here are some brilliant examples of timelines by Chris, Chloe and Phoebe. The children used a range of information to present this in any way they wished, ensuring it was clear, bright, colourful and eye catching. Well done!

Reading Workshop

This morning as part of the whole school reading workshop, Year 6 had the chance to analyse a text all about the Christmas Truce. The children annotated their work with tools and found out the definitions of tricky words.

Design Technology Skills Lesson- Which glue is the best?

This afternoon Sycamore class had the chance to explore all different types of glue. The children were able to evaluate which glue would be the best for making a shelter, by experimenting with super glue, PVA glue, glue sticks and even a hot glue gun! The children have made some brilliant fences ready for their shelters next week. 

Well done!


 Welcome back, we hope you all had a good half term smiley.


This half term we have many exciting opportunities in store for the children.

On Tuesday 13th November - Cinema visit

On Friday 16th November - Visit to Fort Purbrook for Junior Citizen workshops.

On Wednesday 21st November - anti-bullying production (parents are invited too) 9:20am.


Again we appreciate your support and expect every child to complete 10 minutes times tables practise and 10 minutes of reading (please send your child in with their reading diary signed) every day. Additionally, the children will often be sent home with practise SATs papers to work through at their own pace. 


On Thursday 4th October parents and carers are invited to our Year 6 Parents meeting at 3.30 pm. 


During our PSHE time, Year 6 were visited by The Art of Brilliance' This amazing opportunity allowed them to learn how to be the best they can be! #nomoodhoovershere

The Art of Brilliance

On Friday, Year 6 were transformed back in time when they visited Milestones museum. They enjoyed many activities and met many people from the past. 


We are looking forward to our visit to Milestones museum on Friday 28th September. Please ensure you have signed and made payment so that your child can experience this exciting opportunity. 

Home learning


It is imperative that our Year 6 children develop their independence and responsibility so they are ready for their next journey - Secondary school. With this in mind we expect the children to complete:


Daily times tables practise.

Daily reading 

Weekly spellings

Topic work when set. 


We want children to go above and beyond and be the best they can be, therefore if they wish to complete other home learning activities then this extra effort is praised and goes towards moving onto the next band.


6 7 6 3 6 Visitors