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Governors September 2018   Term of office  
Name Type of governor Responsibilities start end Register of Interests as of 31.08.18
Geoff Conway TKAT appointee Vice-Chair, Health & Safety 28.02.17 n/a TKAT employee
James Munt ex-officio   28.02.17 n/a Executive Head
Kate Couldwell ex-officio   28.02.17 n/a Headteacher
Barbara Batey elected by staff   28.02.17 27.02.21 Employed at Front Lawn
Lainey Franks LGC appointed Chair , Pupil Progress and SEND 28.02.17 27.02.21 Teacher Westbourne House School
Lucy Hewlett LGC appointed   13.11.17 12.11.21  
Amelia Payne LGC appointed   30.04.18 29.04.22  
Malcolm Porter LGC appointed Finance & Resources 02.10.17 01.10.21 Also a governor at Portfield Primary
Leavers 2017-18          
Kirsty Ballantyne LGC appointed   16.03.17 31.05.18 Employed at Front Lawn
Lauren Keenan LGC appointed   22.02.18 02.07.18 Employed at Havant Academy
Andy Sillence LGC appointed   02.10.17 31.01.18 Owner Active Soccer, after school club at the school

Register of Attendance for 2017 - 2018



Attendance in 2017-18

LGC Meetings


% while in post

Kirsty Ballantyne



Barbara Batey



Kate Couldwell 



Geoff Conway



Lainey Franks



Lucy Hewlett



Lauren Keenan



James Munt



Amelia Payne



Malcolm Porter



Andy Sillence



What we are expected to do

As governors, we have three core roles:

  • To ensure the school has a clear vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • To hold the senior leaders to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of the staff;
  • To oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure its money is well spent.



How we are organised

Front Lawn Primary Academy works as part of The Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT). As a TKAT school, the strategic and operational roles of governors are delegated to the school by the TKAT Board of Trustees. The framework for this relationship is set out in the ‘TKAT Scheme of Delegation’ see below.


TKAT South - Local Governance Organisation

Front Lawn/Portfield/Seal Primary Academy works in a very close partnership with Front Lawn/Portfield/Seal Primary Academy and Front Lawn/Portfield/Seal Primary Academy. This partnership is called ‘TKAT South’.


In early 2017 the local governing bodies of the three schools were reorganised into a new structure to manage governance across the partnership. The TKAT South governance structure looks like this:




TKAT South Local Governing Body (TKAT South LGB)

‘TKAT South Local Governing Body’ includes all the governors from all three schools. Its role is to set the strategic direction for the TKAT South partnership. It meets once a year at the start of the autumn term to review progress in the previous year and to agree a development plan for the following year.

Front Lawn Primary Academy Local Governing Committee

Each school has a Local Governing Committee (LGC). The LGC membership includes the Executive Headteacher for TKAT South, the headteacher, staff governors, parent governors, co-opted governors and the Executive Chair of the TKAT South LGB.


The role of the LGC is to monitor, evaluate and (where appropriate) advise the school regarding:

  • its curriculum offer, teaching and learning
  • the provision of effective safeguarding and health and safety
  • promotion of the school’s ethos, aims and vision
  • pupil progress, standards of achievement and attainment of year groups, classes and vulnerable groups
  • standards in relation to end of year targets and predictions
  • budget setting and expenditure
  • staffing and appointments
  • attendance and behaviour
  • the revision and implementation of all statutory policies that do not require approval of the TKAT South Executive Committee.


The LGC meets twice each term. The first meeting each term is focused on pupil achievement and other curriculum items. The second meeting is focused on finance and resources.


Local Governing Committee - Official Positions

The Local Governing Committee (LGC) has the following official positions:

  • Chair of Local Governing Committee (Chair)
  • Vice Chair of Local Governing Committee (Vice Chair)
  • Headteacher (ex officio)
  • Executive Chair of the TKAT South Local Governing Body (ex officio)
  • Clerk to the Governing Body (the Clerk)


Local Governing Committee - Other Responsibilities

Members of the LG have responsibility for supporting and monitoring the following areas of school activity:

    • Child Protection & Safeguarding; Finance and Resources; Headteacher Performance Review; Literacy Development; Numeracy Development; Pay; Premises; Pupil Premium; SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities); Student Attendance; Student Behaviour; Student Progress and Achievement.


TKAT South Executive Committee

The TKAT South Executive Committee membership includes the Executive Headteacher, the headteachers from each of the three schools, a non-teacher representative from each school and the Executive Chair of the TKAT South LGB.


The role of the Executive is to provide strategic leadership for the TKAT South partnership. It does this by:

  • maintaining an overview of educational provision
  • challenging and supporting senior leaders
  • providing strategic overview of financial management
  • ensuring equality of opportunity and provision across the schools through fair capacity sharing and ensuring no school is disadvantaged.

    The TKAT South Executive Committee LGC meets once each term. This meeting is held after the cycle of LGC meetings, at each of the TKAT South schools, has been completed.


Pay Committee

Each school Local Governing Committee has a Pay Committee. This sub-committee is made up of a small group of governors. It is responsible for approving any annual salary changes proposed by the headteacher.

What we do and how we do it

To carry out our responsibilities the members of the Front Lawn/Portfield/Seal Primary Academy Local Governing Committee hold a set of meetings and make visits to the school.



The annual schedule of meetings is as follows:



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

First Half

TKAT South LGB (Sept.)

Local Governing Committee

(Curriculum/T&L focused)

Local Governing Committee

(Curriculum/T&L focused)

Local Governing Committee

(Curriculum/T&L focused)

Local Pay Committee

Second Half

Local Governing Committee

(Finance and resources focused)

TKAT South Executive

Local Pay Committee

Local Governing Committee

(Finance and resources focused)

TKAT South Executive

Local Governing Committee

(Finance and resources focused)

TKAT South Executive



To be excellent governors we need to have an excellent knowledge of the school. To make this possible we support our committee meetings with visits to the school. These visits usually involve a meeting with a member of staff to discuss a particular area of school activity and the observation of pupils at work in their classrooms.


Governors’ Action Plan

To make sure that governors work in a systematic and coordinated way that best supports the school, visits are organised under an annual Governors’ Action Plan see key documents below.


What we have done in the past year

All school governing bodies should produce an annual report or accountability statement. This sets out what the governors have done over the past year and what difference we have made.


How do I get in touch with the Governors?

You can contact members of the Front Lawn/Portfield/Seal Primary Academy Local Governing Committee as follows:


By phone: Phone the school Reception on 02392 475904 and leave a message. Your message will be forwarded to the Chair of Governors.


By e-mail: Send your e-mail to Your e-mail will be forwarded to the Chair of Governors.


By post: Send correspondence, for the attention of the ‘Chair of Governors’, to the school address at:



            Broadmere Avenue

            Leigh Park




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