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Year 1

VIP News


This week our Very Important People are 


Scarlett McCurdy - For always aspiring to be the best she can. 

Scarlett always works extremely hard in everything that she does. She always achieves and then wants to achieve more. She rises to any challenge and solves it to the best of her ability. 

Well done Scarlett! 

Zoo by Anthony Browne 


Please help us at home to learn our new story. 


Super storytellers


This week we found a parcel on the doorstep. It was addressed to us! We quickly opened it and found a whole bunch of random objects, including a credit card, tomato ketchup, and a family photograph. At the bottom of the box covered in straw was a book called 'Zoo'. We soon realised that the objects all came from the story. Inside was also a sparkly, red dream jar. 



As a class we've decided to learn the story so that we can retell it to others and see if we can work out why these things were sent to us and what will happen next with the dream jar. 


Our story map will be coming home this week. Please help us to learn it. 

V.I.P News


Our recent Very Important People have been...


Brooke - For amazing independent writing. 


KyleFor always working hard even when it is tricky. 


All the adults are always so proud of the children in Year 1.

Keep it up everyone!

Topic Launch 


This term our whole school topic is 'Freedom'. In Year 1 we are looking at zoos and asking 'Should animals be behind bars?'

We launched our topic and question by visiting Marwell Zoo. It was so much fun, we saw lots of animals including ones we had never even seen or heard of before and it really got us thinking about our essential question. 



Clock watching 


This week we have been learning about time. Please help us by pointing out when it is a half past or o’clock time or see if we can tell you. We have also been continuing to think about the order of the days of the week and the months of the year. Talking about which day it is on the way to school would really help us remember. 


Here we we are in action, 






VIP News


Our Very Important People this week are...


Jack - For being an always superstar! Jack always works hard, has great ideas, is kind, friendly and helpful! 


Jude - Jude has been working very hard to remember to use all of his everyday tools in his writing. He has achieved his target of remembering to use spaces between words and so now his great ideas can be read. 


Well done!

Mums and Grans morning


To celebrate Mother's Day we invited our mums, grans and aunties for breakfast.  

We enjoyed a bacon sandwich and croissants before decorating a plant pot and planting a daffodil bulb to give to our mums.

Thank you to everyone who was able to come and support their child, the Year 1 children certainly had fun!





World Book Day 



The snow didn’t stop us enjoying World Book Day! To start the day some of our grown ups came into the classroom for breakfast with a book. We shared stories together whilst munching on some delicious crossiants, pancakes and brioches. After that, we swapped teachers for a little bit and their read us their favourite story. We continued with a story and question time with a real life topsy turvy fairy godmother (who looked a lot like Mrs Lamb!). She told us of her adventures and shared some treasures with us. We finished the morning with word searches, characters portraits, story swaps, colourings, guess the teacher shelfie and a visit to the library. Of course no World Book Day would be complete without dressing up as our favourite book characters. We had Horrid Henry, the Scarecrow, White Rabbit, Goldilocks, Little Red and any more. We were even taught by Matilda, Alice and Wally!

Thank you for helping to make it memorable!  













VIP News 


This weeks Very Important People are...


Casey - For having an improved attitude to learning. Casey has been working on his listening skills and can now sit quietly and calmly on the carpet. He concentrates and gives great ideas during our class discussions. These things mean he is making good progress with his work. We are particularly proud at how hard he is trying to remember to use spaces in his writing. 

Well done Casey! 



Please can we ask that book bags are returned every day. There are some children’s diaries that we have never written in, which is a real shame as we love to share with you how amazingly your children are doing. If your child no longer has a book bag please see one of us and we can provide a zippy wallet and new diary. 


Can we we also ask that your children’s uniform and PE kit is always named. We understand that names come off in the wash but it is extremely frustrating not only for us but for you too when jumpers go missing and can not be identified by staff. It makes ensuring they are returned extremely difficult and time consuming. 


Thank you,

Miss Pritchard and Mrs Beenham




Our new story


This term we have a new story called 'The Great Gran Plan'. It is all about Little Red Riding Hood, one of the little pigs and that pesky wolf! He wants to eat Gran but don't worry there is a plan! We are enjoying sharing this story and have been retelling it every day this week. Copies have been sent home, can you help us to learn it please? 


VIP News


Scarlett Murphy - Scarlett was picked to be our VIP this week because she has been working very hard to show the all the values from our moral compass. 

Scarlett has been remembering to put her hand up to share ideas and give others a chance to join in. She has been following instructions given by all adults in school first time and she has been helpful and kind to the other children in her class. 


Well done!

Sponsored welly walk 


On the last day of term the whole school took part in a sponsored welly walk. We got our wellies on and stomped around the field! During our time limit we managed 15 laps of the field! To finish off we had a welly throwing competition, it was a lot of fun although some of the wellies seemed to have a mind of their own! 


Thank you to everyone who sponsored us, the adults were amazed at how much we had raised! What kind family and friends we have to support us in these type of activities. 










Cake Sale


Our big aim for our authentic outcome this term is to improve the outside area for our friends and visitors. We quickly came to realise that part of this would involve buying a few necessities such as gardening spades, shrubs and flowers. So we decided to have a cake sale to raise the money. We invited year R, 2 and 3 and spent some time selling (and eating!) some cakes. We were very thankful to all the adults that donated cakes, which meant that we were able to raise 156 pounds!

Look out for your invite to our grand opening in the summer. 




Chinese New Year


On Friday we had lots of fun learning about Chinese New Year. We were very lucky to have a dancer come into school with her dragon to teach us some of the dances that happen during the new year celebrations. It was lots of fun. We got to dance with parasols and fans and even danced with the dragon! 

As part of our day we had the opportunity to have a traditional Chinese lunch. Some of us loved it, others weren't so sure but we were proud of each other for trying something new.


Some of the things we discovered were;

  • It is believed that the Jade emperor wanted a way to measure time so he arranged for the animals to have a race. 
  • The first 12 back would be the winners and a year would be named after them.  
  • The 12 animals back first were the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. 
  • Some of the animals cheated and some worked as a team. 
  • This year is the year of the dog (Scarlett McCurdy taught us this!). 


  • China is the 4th biggest country in the world. 
  • 1.3 billion people live there. 
  • The capital is Beijing. 
  • The date of Chinese New Year changes but it is always in January or February. 
  • Red envelopes are given as gifts for good luck. They contain money and sweets. 


Here are some photographs of us dancing...







VIP News


Some of our recent Very Important People are...


Sergio - For being a maths superstar. Sergio has quickly grasped how to find number bonds of any number. He is now able to recall any number of 10 in lightning quick speed! 


Jacob - For having an improved attitude to his learning. Jacob has been putting in so much effort into this learning recently and it is showing in his work. 


Blossom - For fantastic effort in all areas of her learning. Blossom has been impressing everyone around her recently by trying her best in every lesson. Her reading, writing and maths are improving because of this! 


Well done everyone!




Story telling


Our new story is about a detective mouse called Hermelin. Here we are creating story maps to help us to retell it. We chose whether to work individually or with a partner. Deciding who should do what was quite tricky at first but we used our collaborating and communicating skills to solve any problems. 









Welcome back 

We’ve had an exciting first week back full of mysteries and problems that needed solving. During our drama lesson with Aled we discovered that our library had been trashed! We searched the area with our magnifying glasses and found some footprints, broken egg shells, crime tape and glue. Aled told us that not only is he a drama teacher but a detective who needs to recruit some new members. Over the next few weeks we are going to join Aled as junior detectives and solve lots of mysteries. If we succeed we will graduate as Front Lawn Detectives! 









VIP News


This week our Very Important People are...


The whole of Holly class for an amazing effort during every single rehearsal and performance of the Christmas show. You were all amazing and the Front Lawn staff are very proud of you all.  Well done. 

And the winner is...


Well done to Skyla in Holly class for receiving this term's head teacher award.


Mrs Couldwell has been on the look out since September for children showing the core values of our moral compass and Skyla received the award for achieving the 'respect' value. She is always seen following rules, helping others and being kind.

We are all very proud of her and the progress she has made already this year.


Well done!




Christmas Decoration Day

Christmas Decoration Day 1
Christmas Decoration Day 2
Christmas Decoration Day 3
A big thank you to all the parents in both Ash and Holly Class who came and joined in the fun on our Christmas Decoration day. As you can see, a great time was had by all!

Elf Antics


The Front Lawn elves have been up to no good in Year 1 this week.

They have been sitting in the Christmas tree in Ash class and doing some acrobatics with friends in the book corner in Holly class. Where will they be next?!






VIP News


This week our Very Important People are...


McCartney - For being an always superstar. McCartney always follows the school rules and sets a great example to others. He always tries so hard with all of his learning and is always kind, friendly and helpful. 


Lilliana - For settling into FLPA so well. Lilliana started our school this year after moving form Romania. She did not know how to speak our language and had to learn lots of new words. We are very proud of how hard she has worked and how well she has taken on this new challenge.


Well done to you both!

Authentic Outcome


This week we have been very busy making sweet treats to sell at the Mayor's coffee morning to raise money for the make a wish charity.


Look out for more information and photographs soon!

VIP News


This week our Very Important People are...


Tyler - For having a new found attitude to learning. Tyler found year 1 tricky at the beginning of the year and would often get upset when completing work. However, his confidence has grown, he can use resources around our classroom to support his learning and he always has his best try! Well done Tyler!


Wesley - For being an always superstar. Wesley can always be relied on to set a good example to other children and is always friendly, helpful and cheerful. Well done Wesley! 

How to...


This week we have heard about some friendly witches keeping their friends up all night by cackling and muttering spells! The Front Lawn news have been in touch and have asked us to learn some instructions on how to trap a witch. We will be bringing a copy of our story map home today, please help us to learn it. 


Witch Witch!


We have had great fun learning and innovating a poem called witch witch this week. We especially enjoyed retelling it back and forth tennis style! Watch us retell it in the video below. 


Witch Witch

Witch witch, where do you fly?

Under the clouds and over the sky.

Witch witch, what do you eat? 

Little black apples from Hurricane street.

Witch witch, what do you drink? 

Vinegar and good red ink.

Witch witch, where do you sleep?

Up in the clouds where the pillows are cheap! 

Anti-bullying week 


This week has been all about feeling good, being kind and looking out for each other. We started the week discussing what bullying meant to us and how we could define it. We realised that bullying isn't just someone saying something unkind or hurting you once, although this is not kind behaviour. It is when somebody is continuously saying hurtful things or using unkind hands and feet towards you even after you have asked them to stop. 


We entered a competition ran by Miss Boister from Year 6 to create an idea for a no bullying school sign we are having made for the school grounds. She came to collect our designs and was very impressed. Our fingers are crossed! 







We did some drama with Aled on how to respond to bullies and how to help someone else who may be being bullied. We spent playtimes being friendly and complimenting each other. We finished the week by wearing odd socks to show that we are all different but that it is great! 



Who has fallen in the suitcase?


We were greeted by something very unusual when we came back to school this term. A suitcase had crashed into the classroom with somebody stuck inside it. The caretaker put tape around it and told us not to touch it incase there was magic involved!

We soon realised that it was a witch. She had stripy tights, pointy shoes, a broomstick and the story of Winnie the witch. We decided to learn the story to see if it would help her out of this spot of bother! We created actions, drew story maps and are practising retelling the story all the time! Please help us to learn our story at home, we could even teach you!



VIP News


Our VIP's this week are...


Kye for being an all round superstar.


Kira for trying her hardest and not giving up. 


Holly class had the most children at school this week and so also won the attendance trophy! 


Well done! 


Random Acts of Kindness Week & Harvest Festival


The children have had a busy time in Year 1 and particularly enjoyed our random acts of kindness week. They came up with some wonderful ideas which included feeding the birds outside in the school grounds, delivering bags of sweeties to residents in the local community, and giving smileys to children seen showing kind behaviour out on the playground!


We also wanted to say a big thank you to all our parents for your very generous donations to the food bank for our harvest festival this week, we are sure they will all be very gratefully received. The children have enjoyed singing our harvest samba song and sang it really well during the church service, they should all be very proud of themselves!


Thank you again


Welcome to our blog


We are having a great first week in year 1. We are busy transforming the corridors around the lower school into a Julia Donaldson story setting. Look out for Zog, Spinderella and the Smartest Giant in town!

Welcome to Year 1


Holly class teacher - Miss Pritchard

Holly class teaching assistants - Mrs Morrison (Monday - Wednesday)

                                              - Miss Smith (Thursday and Friday)


Ash class teacher - Mrs Beenham

Ash class teaching assistant - Mrs Larcombe 


If you have any questions, comments or ideas for us over the year please pop into class and see us. We are looking forward to a great year of learning with your children! 

Why not help your child master their handwriting at home?

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