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Early Years - Nursery & Pre-School

Welcome to Front Lawn's Early Years!


Nursery is Cherry class and Pre-School is Hazel Class. Please come and see us if you have any queries, concerns or suggestions. Our aim is to support the children on their learning journey and make coming to Front Lawn as fun as possible! Please provide a change of clothing as we do love to get messy! We share observations with you through videos and photos on Tapestry so that you can always see your child's learning journal. Do not hesitate to ask Miss Feaver if you have any questions about Tapestry.

Meet Our Early Years Staff!


Mrs Davenport

Level 3

Nursery Manager and 1:1

Early Years Lead Practitioner

Keyworker Group - Ladybirds

Mrs Lovelock

Level 5

Pre-School Teacher

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Keyworker Group - Red

Miss Feaver

Level 6

Pre-School and 1:1

Early Years Teacher

Keyworker Group - Blue

Miss Clark

Level 3

Pre-School and 1:1

Early Years Practitioner

Keyworker Group - Purple

Mrs Ryder

Level 3


Early Years Practitioner

Keyworker Group - Purple

Mrs Cruz

Level 6

Nursery and Pre-School

Early Years Practitioner

Keyworker Group - Blue

Mrs Wimble

Level 6


Early Years Manager

The Little Red Hen


Pre-School have been reading The Little Red Hen since Christmas. Ask your children to act out the story for you at home! They're very good at it! Pre-School children have been gifted with these books to read at home. Please take photos of them reading and share it with us on Tapestry! We love to see what you've been up to at home!


Jasper's Beanstalk


Nursery have been reading Jasper's Beanstalk this half term. Ask your child to act out the story for you at home! Add any videos or photos to Tapestry of anything you have been doing at home. We love to see what you've been up to!



Pre-School's Trip to Asda Bakery


Pre-School were invited to Asda bakery to see how bread is made! We have been reading The Little Red Hen who makes bread in the story. Everyone was so excited to go on the minibuses! Nop, the baker at Asda, demonstrated how to make pancakes and showed us all the ingredients to make bread. He even showed us the huge oven that the bread is baked in everyday! We were then lucky enough to be shown how they make pizzas at Asda and it made everyone so hungry! We were taken on a tour around the Asda warehouse which was so big! We were given ingredients to make bread for ourselves back at school.

Topic Book


This half term, Nursery have been reading 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear' and learning the actions to our story map. We've been learning about different colours and animals. We can now go into the reading area and read the story by ourselves, even using actions! Have a look at the story map below and see if you can do the actions and story at home!!

Picture 1



We celebrated all things Halloween! We went to the shops and bought lots and lots of little pumpkins to carve and decorate, Halloween pasta to play with and a treat of Halloween Crisps!!! We carried our own pumpkins back to school in our huge pushchair! We loved dressing up on Friday! We all looked fantastic!

Music Bugs


In Music Bugs, we did everything under the sea! We played with shark, fish and crab puppets and sung songs for each including Baby Shark and Once I Caught A Fish Alive. We also loved singing Under The Sea whilst being underneath our own 'sea' of wavy material and lots of bubbles were involved of course!

Under The Sea

Still image for this video

Healthy Eating


We talked about healthy eating this week. We went to the shops and chose our favourite healthy foods to eat for snack including grapes, strawberries and cucumber. We really enjoyed this and will be taking more regular trips to the shops to pick our own!

Over the bumps

Still image for this video

Powder Paint in the Rain


It rained lots and lots! As much as we loved looking at it through the windows, we really, really enjoyed splashing about in the rain with all the puddles! We threw powder paint in the water and watched as the colours floated downstream, causing a multi-coloured puddle at the bottom!!



Forest School


We had Forest School with Mrs Payne. We put up a tent and played games! We loved looking through the windows at each other!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Shape Hunt


We went on a shape hunt! We searched high and low for circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. Please put any on Tapestry that you find together at home or out and about. We'd love to see!

Music Bugs!


We had a lovely visit from Music Bugs who will be visiting us every week! We really enjoyed singing and dancing!





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