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Early Years - Nursery & Pre-School



Due to the Coronavirus, you may find yourself without food, money or essentials. If this is the case, please contact Children's Services on 0300 555 1384 where they will do their best to assist you.

Welcome to Front Lawn's Early Years!


Nursery is Cherry class and Pre-School is Hazel Class. Please come and see us if you have any queries, concerns or suggestions. Our aim is to support the children on their learning journey and make coming to Front Lawn as fun as possible! Please provide a change of clothing as we do love to get messy! We share observations with you through videos and photos on Tapestry so that you can always see your child's learning journal. Do not hesitate to ask Miss Clark if you have any questions about Tapestry.

Meet Our Early Years Staff!


Mrs Davenport

Level 3

Nursery Manager and 1:1

Early Years Lead Practitioner

Keyworker Group - Ladybirds

Mrs Lovelock

Level 5

Pre-School Teacher

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Keyworker Group - Butterflies

Miss Clark

Level 3

Pre-School and 1:1

Early Years Practitioner

Keyworker Group - Butterflies

Mrs Ryder

Level 3


Early Years Practitioner

Keyworker Group - Bumblebees

Mrs Wimble

Level 6

Pre-School Teacher

Early Years Manager

Keyworker Group - Bumblebees

Don't forget to add your wave video to Tapestry so that everyone can wave to each other!

Tom Fletcher (Mcfly star and children’s author) will be doing live readings of his books on Mondays at 6.30. Find him on YouTube or Instagram. Kids will love it!

You might also want to try his ‘teapot’ challenge. Harder than it looks! We’d love to see a clip if your family can master it!

Happy Easter!

Easter Egg Bunnies

Here are some ideas of Easter activities! Have fun and let us know about your creations on Tapestry!

Here are some Thrive activities that you could do together. One for each day of the week!

Have a look at some ideas for more activities to do at home! Don't forget to tell us what you get up to on Tapestry!

Check out BBC Bitesize coming soon!

Why not try making your own play dough? Show us on Tapestry!

Elevenses with The World of David Walliams


Every day at 11am, you can listen one of David Walliams’ World’s Worst Children stories, so sit down, take a break, and enjoy 20ish minutes of pure fun! Visit to have listen! Let us know what you've been enjoying on Tapestry!

National Literacy Trust


Visit the National Literacy Trust's Family Zone for Birth to 4 for fun things to make and do at home! Find out more at and let us know what you get up to on Tapestry!

Activity Village


Activity Village have kindly made activity packs and colouring pages free to access during our time at home. Visit to find out more!



PhonicsPlay have kindly allowed free access to their site during our time at home. Please visit for more information.

Bear Hunt!


We're joining in on a Bear Hunt! Will you join us too? Put a teddy in your window and then during daily walks it gives us something to look for, to count, and to find our favourites! You can then remember what they look like and draw them at home!

Here are some ideas of activities that you can do at home

British Sign Language


During the time at home, you might enjoy learning British Sign Language which you could even do alongside your child/ren for something to do to pass the time. Please visit to find out more information - discounts are being generously offered during the period of lockdown.



Give everyone something to smile about as they go about their daily walks and draw beautiful rainbow pictures that you can put up in your windows at home. This way, when you go on your walks, you can count how many you see and point out your favourites! Have a look below to see our school rainbow. Don't forget to put your rainbow pictures on Tapestry for us to enjoy too!



In Pre-School and Nursery, the children have access to books in all of our areas as well as dedicated comfortable reading areas. Please see the photos below. Don't forget that your child has access to a book lending system where they can take a book home to read and then bring it back once they've finished and swap it over.

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