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Recommended Reads

Our Librarian, Miss Ashman is going to recommend some of her favourite books each week to each year group.  She will also tell us why she likes them.  We will put them on here so you can read them at home if you have them or you can listen along to them read online.




Recommended for Early Years
Miss Ashman loves this story because it shows that it doesn't matter how little you are, you can still be brave and strong. She loves the happy ending too.

Grumpy Monkey by Suzanne Lang (Read Aloud) | Storytime | Emotions

Recommended for Year One and Two
Mrs Ashman loves the illustrations in this story and she likes the lesson that this story teaches us at the end - we won't spoil the surprise.

The Wizards of Once: Prologue

Recommended for Year 3 and 4
This is read by the author of the story - Cressida Cowell. This link is her reading the prologue of the story but if you follow the other links you can hear her read the whole book. Mrs Ashman loves this story because stories about magic are her favourite thing and the book is full of adventure.

The Midnight Gang by David Walliams - Part 1

Recommended for Year 5 and 6
Miss Ashman loves David Williams and this one is her favourite. She loves the idea of being able to have adventures when everyone else is asleep.

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