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Year 3

Hello everyone!  Welcome to the summer term.


We hope you  have had a fabulous half term.  Thank you to all of you who have shown such dedication to your home learning over the past term, we begin again with lots of opportunities for you to keep up your skills and learn some more!


As the Year 3 staff are returning  to school from Monday 1st of June, it will be a little more difficult to maintain weekly contact.  Will we endeavour  to contact you  via Marvellous Me and by telephone calls every two weeks.  New weekly  home learning opportunities will be posted here each week. 


We hope that you and your  families are well and  look forward to hearing from you.  Any time you  need us to be in contact, please do email us on  


Take care, stay safe and keep smiling. 

The Year 3 team 


Daily Maths

BBCBitesize and Whiterose are now teaching the same area of the curriculum each week but in a slightly different way. 

We recommend that you stick with one or other of these for your daily lessons and then use the other to deepen your child’s learning. It is helpful for your child to see the same concepts taught in different ways. It maybe that this is useful on some days and not on others.


  • Stick with Bitesize - Use Whiterose to deepen your child’s learning when appropriate.


  • Follow the Bitesize lessons for all other subjects but go to Whiterose for your daily maths. Use Bitesize maths to deepen your child’s learning when appropriate.



6.07.20 Home learning

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