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Year 6

Your FINAL week at Front Lawn


Dear All 


The  big moment has arrived.  Your final week at Front Lawn!  We are so looking forward to seeing you all this week and can't wait to help you celebrate in style.


Home learning this week is simple:  Learn two songs and think of your cherished memories!


Firstly: We have two songs we would like you to learn:


On top of the world by Imagine Dragons:


Time of our lives by Tyrone Wells:


Lyrics are in the documents below. 

Your special memories


Secondly please can you have a think about  your special memories from your time here at Front Lawn.

These could be

  • Funny memories
  • Unusual memories
  • Memories from trips, the Year 6 residential
  • People who have helped shape your lives


Please come to school ready to share these memories with us!


















Home Learning for Week Commencing 6th July 2020


Dear All 


Just two weeks to go before your summer holidays!   We hope that you have had some success with your transition projects and that they are as completed as they can be.  Now that those projects are completed we are including in your  home learning:


English - there is a Talk 4 Writing booklet entitled "Monsters" - please complete activities 1 - 6 in preparation to finish the booklet off next wee.

Maths - 4 x lessons around angles 

Reading - a reading comprehension about Women's football

Spanish - How to describe physical appearance

Topic - Australian Landmarks


Science - Liquid science

Spelling activities


As usual, please do not hesitate to email us: if you need any support.   We will be making our bi weekly calls to pupils and should you need any support verbally we can help you then.


We look forward to seeing you for your leavers events!


Best wishes


Mr Lushington, Mrs Garrod, Mrs Batey and Mr Lushington

Home Learning for week commencing 29th June 2020


We hope that you have had a fabulous weekend and apologise that this home learning is being posted up on the website a little late - we had a lot of computer problems at school this weekend and the problem has only just been fixed (thank you Mr Matthews)!  


We hope that you are getting on well with the maths and English projects that we delivered to you as part of your transition work.  We can't stress how important it is for you to do your very best with this work.  Remember - you need to complete it before your transition day with your new school. Don't forget to take it along with you when you go!


Because of this work, we have not included maths or literacy work in your home learning packs this week. 

Below you will find some topic work, some science and some spelling activities.


We hope you have a fantastic week.


With our best wishes


Mr Lushington, Mrs Garrod, Mrs Batey and Mr Kops


Home Learning for Week Commencing 22nd June 2020


Dear All 

We hope that you have had a lovely weekend and that you shared some special times on Father's day! 


It was lovely to see some of you on Friday when Mrs Batey and I dropped off the transition packs to you.  We were so pleased to see you again and we hope that you  have now had a chance to have a look at the contents of the transition packs.  Please do your very best with these packs but do not get stressed out!  If you need any  guidance, please do not hesitate to send an email to and we will do our best to help you from afar!   Remember to take these packs with you to your new school on your taster days.


Because of the literacy and maths projects in the packs, this week we are only uploading topic / foundation work for you to do.  There is some fun science (rockets), a bit of Spanish, some PE and some topic learning about  one of Australia's most  important artists.     


Keep smiling everyone, day by day we move closer to a more normal routine.    


Please stay in touch and send us  news - I can't tell you how much we all miss you.

With best wishes

Mr Lushington, Mrs Garrod, Mrs Batey and Mr Kops.


Home learning for week commencing 15th June 


Hello everyone.  Please find below the week for home learning for week commencing 15 June.  Please see the note below about Transition Work Packs - these will be sent to you this week.  There is a reading/writing project and a maths project that will need to be completed before your child attends any taster days.  The packs will need to be taken along on the taster days as well as in the first week of September so PLEASE hold on to them!    In light of this after this week, we will not be posting maths or literacy  work as the Transition project will take their place.


Work for this week is below:

Maths - White Rose Maths - Week 8

White Rose Maths Week 8 can be accessed on the following address:



Year 6 Transition work packs

We are currently  printing out work packs for all Year 6 children to complete as part of their transition project to secondary  school.  These will be sent or delivered to you next week and should be completed by your child to the highest possible standard.  The work done in the packs will need to be taken to their new school on any  transition days that your  child attends.


In view of this, for next week (week commencing 15 June) we will set a reduced amount of literacy and maths but will continue to provide all other areas of work and for the following two weeks ( Week commencing 22 June and week commencing 29 June) for maths and literacy the children should focus entirely on their transition pack projects.  We will continue to provide creative topic based learning opportunities in this time.


Please encourage your child to approach these transition projects seriously and with the highest expectations of themselves as they  will be used as a form of assessment by their new school.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Year 6 team.

Kindest regards

The Year 6 Team

Home learning for week commencing 8th June 


Good morning everyone

We hope you had a fantastic weekend and that you  are all remaining safe and well.  Here begins the second week of the second half of the summer term.   We have uploaded lots of learning opportunities for you to continue with your learning at home. 


Maths - White Rose Maths

Fantastic news is that maths resources that are compatible with the White Rose Home Learning scheme are now available. There is one lesson each day with a video tutorial and questions to help further your understanding.  Answers are also available for home marking - if you  wish to receive these please send an email to    alternatively please submit a copy of your work to the same email address for it to be marked.  


White Rose can be accessed on the following address:


The resources for each lesson are below.


For foundation lessons we have uploaded lots of different creative activities for you to get stuck into.  The "creative topic" document contains lots art and music projects - you don't have to do them all, but there are plenty  of different things for you to have a go at.  We would love to see what you produce!

End of resources for week commencing 8th June 2020







Hello everyone!  Welcome to the summer term.


We hope you  have had a fabulous half term – I don’t think I can remember a summer half term with so much sunshine!  Thank you to all of you who have shown such dedication to your home learning over the past term, we begin again with lots of opportunities for you to keep up your skills and learn some more!


As the Year 6 staff are returning  to school from Monday 1st of June, it will be a little more difficult to maintain weekly contact.  Mr Kops and Mr Lushington will endeavour  to contact you  via Marvellous Me and by telephone calls every two weeks.  New weekly  home learning opportunities will be posted here each week. 


We are desperately sorry that for year 6 there is no capacity to have you back in school at the moment.  We hope that you and your  families are well and we look forward to hearing from you.  Any time you  need us to be in contact, please do email us on  


Take care, stay safe and keep smiling. 

The Year team 

Daily Maths

BBCBitesize and Whiterose are now teaching the same area of the curriculum each week but in a slightly different ways. 



We recommend that you begin with whiterose for daily lessons:


Then if you wish to deepen your learning, head over to Bitesize for additional examples.


 It is helpful for your child to see the same concepts taught in different ways. It maybe that this is useful on some days and not on others.


The additional activities on the grid are either more open ended, more practical and fun or are there to consolidate the learning. Do not feel that you have to do all of these and of course feel free to explore other additional resources and ideas. We hope that this is helpful. If you have any questions or concerns please message us on

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