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Uniform at Front Lawn Primary Academy


It is expected that every child will wear school uniform.  Your help in ensuring that the children are smartly and appropriately dressed is greatly appreciated.


Children should wear a white shirt/blouse/polo shirt with grey/black trousers/shorts/skirts. 

During the summer months, blue gingham dresses may be worn.  Jumpers and cardigans should be royal blue in colour.  To form part of our uniform, we ask that shoes are black in colour. 


School shoes should be purchased with the demands of school and running around on the playground in mind.   Trainers, if worn, must be completely black in colour. NO CROCS are allowed, all school shoes should have a back!


Uniform at a glance


Trousers/shorts/skirts                    Grey or black

(cycling shorts are not acceptable uniform)

Shirts/blouses/polo shirts               White

Jumper/cardigan                           Royal blue

Summer dresses                           Blue gingham

Shoes/trainers                              Black


Jewellery - Any jewellery worn to school should be able to be removed by the child when necessary.  For your child's safety, any earrings should only be small studs, not hooped. 

The school cannot be held responsible for any items lost and we strongly recommend that jewellery is kept solely for weekend wear.


Make up - Children should not be wearing any form of make up e.g. lipstick, eyeliner etc. 


Nails - Painted nails i.e. nail varnish or fake nails should not be worn to school.

These rules are in place to protect your child and others within the school building as part of our safeguarding role. We encourage children to be their own individual person, but school uniforms are part of making you feel belonging to the school community.


PE Kit

For PE, children should come to school in their PE kit.   

This is their house coloured T-shirt (Durham - Purple, Cambridge - Red, Oxford - Yellow and Warwick - Blue) and black tracksuit bottoms or shorts.   No 'named' hoodies to be worn, children can wear their school jumper or fleece. 

In the winter, children can wear their school jumper as well.  Footwear for PE should be black trainers.      


Every child was given their first PE T-shirt free.  If you need to purchase a new one this can be done via the gateway for a minimal fee of £3.  


Purchasing school uniform

All school uniform can be purchased from Skool Kit, located in the Meridien Centre, Havant or via their online shop.   

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