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The Blue Whale

The Blue Whale is a wonderful nonfiction book for children, written by Jenni Desmond.

Amelia Earhart: Little People, Big Dreams

Amelia Earhart (Little People, Big Dreams) by Isabel Sanchez and Maria Diamantes

Martin's Big Words: The Life of Martin Luther King Jr.

This award winning book is perfect for teaching kids about the great Martin Luther King Jr.

Mahatma Ghandi Little People Big Dreams Book

Mahatma Ghandi Little People Big Dreams Book. Mahatma Ghandi is the father of India. He was a well known man in the face of History for his peace movement.

Anne Frank Little People Big Dreams

Anne Frank

David Bowie Little People Big Dreams

David Bowie

Little People, Big Dreams: Harriet Tubman.

Stephen Hawking, Little People Big Dreams

Read aloud of the book.Stephen Hawking biography written for children.

Coco Chanel : Little People Big Dreams | A story about pursuing your passion

Coco Chanel is a fashion icon and is one of the most famous fashion designers in the world. She also lived an extraordinary life under extraordinary circumstances.

Bruce Lee - Little People, Big Dreams

this book, discover the life of Bruce Lee, the martial artist and Hollywood film star.

David Attenborough - Little People, Big Dreams

In this book, discover the life of David Attenborough, the inspiring broadcaster and conservationist.

Muhammad Ali

Read Aloud- Sharks!

Splish Splash, A Book About Rain

Do you know about the water cycle? In this book, we will learn about the rain and how it helps keep our planet's water supply.

Little People Big Dreams Marie Currie

Biography of Marie Currie for children.

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