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School Development

Front Lawn's Strategic Goals 2014 - 2019


  1. Achievement will be outstanding.  Attainment will be at least in line with National averages and, taking into account their different starting points, the proportions of pupils making and exceeding expected progress are high compared with national figures.
  2. To ensure student happiness and wellbeing remain a top priority.
  3. For all teaching to never be less than good..
  4. For all children to have the same chance to succeed (ie there is no gap in the progress of groups of children)
  5. To develop Front Lawn as a highly respected, esteemed and valued resource for the community of Leigh Park
  6. To be full at capacity
  7. Behaviour, including behaviour for learning, will be outstanding with children managing their own behaviour in the majority of cases.
  8. The school environment and resources enable all of the above goals to be met and equal the best in a Primary Academy.
  9. Parents and Carers work in partnership with the school through a highly effective Parents' Association.

Working Beyond  Targets

The following targets were set by OFSTED in March 2015:



Improve the overall quality of teaching and pupils’ achievement to outstanding by ensuring that:

  • staff promote pupils’ handwriting, spelling and grammar skills in a planned and consistent manner
  • pupils have more opportunities to set out their calculation work in mathematics so that they can develop ideas and apply their mathematical skills in order to extend their learning
  • pupils have more opportunities for writing across the curriculum through more in-depth coverage of subjects.

School self-evaluation now shows these aspects of the school’s provision are improved and no longer a key area for development. However, we are constantly keeping them under review as they are OFSTED targets and will be analysed at the next inspection. 

Our Development Targets for this coming academic year 
Actions 2017 - 2018
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