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Year 1

Hello girls, boys and grown-ups!


We would like to say thank-you for all of the positive comments and fantastic home-learning you have been doing over the past few weeks. We understand it is not always easy, and the circumstances have been far from ideal, but you are all superstars, and it has put big smiles on our faces to see all of the different things you've been doing!

We hope you have had a lovely half term, and that you enjoyed the sunshine. If you'd still like to carry on with some learning, there is still plenty of ideas below. 


As it is likely that Year 1 staff will be returning to school from June 1st, I'm sure you will appreciate that we will not be able to maintain such frequent contact via Marvellous Me, so we will add new ideas and home learning activities here each week.


Take care, stay safe and keep smiling. 

The Year 1 team 

Daily Maths

BBCBitesize and Whiterose are now teaching the same area of the curriculum each week but in a slightly different ways. 

We recommend that you stick with one or other of these for your daily lessons and then use the other to deepen your child’s learning. It is helpful for your child to see the same concepts taught in different ways. It maybe that this is useful on some days and not on others.


  • Stick with Bitesize - Use Whiterose to deepen your child’s learning when appropriate.


  • Follow the Bitesize lessons for all other subjects but go to Whiterose for your daily maths. Use Bitesize maths to deepen your child’s learning when appropriate.


The additional activities on the grid are either more open ended, more practical and fun or are there to consolidate the learning. Do not feel that you have to do all of these and of course feel free to explore other additional resources and ideas. I hope that this is helpful. If you have any questions or concerns please message us on

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