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Year 1

Science Centre -Winchester


Year 1 went to the Science centre in Winchester to Launch our history topic on Neil Armstrong. We started the day with a session in the planetarium and learnt a lot about stars, constellations and planets. We then spent some time investigating a variety of science based activities. We even made two different types of slime in an experiment. We all had a fantastic learning adventure. See the pictures below to get an insight into our day.


In Year 1 we have been using clay to create a variety of sculptures. We planned, made and decorated a Russian Doll after reading a story about the her. We made plant pots  (for growing beans) ready for next half terms story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Finally we made Sunflowers in the style of Van Gough's paintings as we had studied him in Art last term. We had great fun and learnt lots of sculpting techniques including rolling, coiling, pressing and manipulating. See the slide show and spot some of our creations! 

Spring Term 

Our Wonderful World

How is our World Changing?  


This term is all about 'Our Wonderful World'.  Year 1 are looking particularly at the weather and how this is has changed over time. We will be looking at the Scientist Inez Fung who has studied climate change and the changes in carbon in the atmosphere. We will be keeping a weather station to record different weathers and will even become weather reporters!  We will keep you up to date on all our learning in the following weeks! 

Welcome Back Year 1



This years staffing:


Mrs Lyndon (Year 1 Lead)

Mrs Claxton 

Mrs Hills-Read

Mrs Humphreys 

Miss Phillips

Curriculum coverage Autumn 2021

Week 7 of Online Learning!!!


Welcome back - we hope you had a lovely half term despite the lockdown restrictions. We are SO excited that we will be able to have you back at school again from the 8th March. It has been a long time since we have had our classes together and we can't wait to see you all!


This week we have been focusing on a Japanese artist name Hokusai. We have looked at his paintings of trees and leaves, and practised using his techniques to recreate some of his artwork. We have really enjoyed experimenting with making different shades of green by mixing a variety of colours together. Here is a small selection of some of the amazing artwork Year 1 children have produced this week.




Outstanding writing!

Here are some wonderful pieces of writing from the Year 1 children this week.




Week 6 of Lockdown Learning!!!



This week, we have been learning all about the different types of animals, and have worked hard to group them into the right category. The children have enjoyed writing about their dream pet (some children even invented a new animal!!), and were able to talk about how they could best look after it. On Wednesday, we had a chat about which animal we would like to be, then went off to create our animal outfits. To finish off the week, we all wrote our own animal fact files. We all learnt so much!

Week 5 of Lockdown Learning!!!


This week, we have been focusing on a topic of 'Environment'. We started our week by making a rain gauge which helped us to measure how much rainfall we had throughout the week. Luckily for us, it was quite a rainy week and we were able to record 1cm of rainfall over just one night! We also tracked the weather, making a note of what the weather was like morning, noon and evening. This then helped us to record our own weather forecast videos! 

Week 4 of Lockdown Learning!!!


This week, we have been looking at famous and significant people in the world. We have talked about how someone can become famous at any point in their life, and for many different reasons. An example of this is Sir Captain Tom Moore, who we now know as the man that did 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday - all in the name of raising money for the NHS! We also learnt about Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale, and the impact their actions have had on the world. We then worked on designing our own medal for the people that have helped us during the pandemic. On Friday, we then went off to invent our own intriguing inventions. Here are some below:



Week 3 of Lockdown Learning!!!


This week, we have been writing our own version of 'The Three Little Pigs' story in literacy. We came up with our own baddies and used lots of fabulous similes and comparatives to describe them. Our topic this week has been 'Rainforests', and we have loved learning about all the different animals that live in the rainforest. Miss Tinsley even learnt about an animal called an Okapi that she had never heard of before! We worked really hard to draw our own rainforest animals, and even made our own Jungle Rain maker!


Week 2 of Lockdown Learning!!


This week, our topic is 'Under The Sea'. We have been learning about the 5 oceans and all of the weird and wonderful creatures that live there. The children have looked at how humans have an impact on the oceans, and were shocked to see that our rubbish can end up in the homes of sea life creatures, sometimes causing them harm! We then went on to design and make our own sea creature using recycled items. We had so much fun!


January 2021 - Another lockdown - week 1!!!


It has been a really mixed up time since Christmas, and as we enter another lockdown, we are sad we won't be able to see everyone's smiling faces for a while. In the meantime, we are going to switch to LIVE online lessons! We can't wait to see you all on our screens. Things may be a little different for a while, but we will be here for you when you need us.

Please don't hesitate to email us at if you need any help or support.

Welcome back to school and to the start of Year 1!


We are delighted to see you all after a long time away from school. 

We have had a great first-week-back, with lots of fun activities, such as making paper aeroplanes, practising our counting, and using our cutting skills to put Humpty back together again. 


This term, our essential question is 'How many different ways can we show our thanks?'  We will also be looking at how people helped each other through the pandemic - from going to work and helping the community, to helping each other at home by showing love, sharing with siblings and helping around the house.


We are so excited to begin sharing our learning journey with you. Don't forget to check back regularly to keep updated!


Love, The Year One Team xxxx


Useful information


Drop off and pick up times.


Ash class                                                                              Holly Class

Drop off : 08:40                                                                     Drop off: 08:40

Pick up: 14:50                                                                         Pick up: 14:50


Please line up in the allocated areas when dropping off and collecting your children. Ash Class should line up to the left of the gate, down Broadmere Avenue, whilst Holly class will line up opposite, in the direction of High Lawn Way. 


Please do come to the gate at collection time.

We will be unable to send any children out of the gates unless we have seen you - thank you!



enlightenedThings to remember:enlightened

  • Please send children into school wearing their PE kit on Wednesdays.
  • Book bags to be sent into school on PE day only.
  • Lunch bags/boxes are not permitted in school. Lunches must be sent in in a disposable bag, which can be thrown away when finished with.



Year One Staffing -  2020-2021

Ash Class - Mrs Ryan, Miss McClintock & Mrs Lyndon  

Holly Class - Miss Tinsley, Mrs Larcombe & Mrs Lyndon



Superstar Readers!

We have been learning the sound 'ow'.


It can be written in two different ways.


'ow' brown cow   'ou' cloud    


How many different 'ow' words can you spot in your books?

Children in Need 2020

We have been learning the sound 'oa'.


It can be written in different ways.


'oa' boat   'o' go    'oe' toe     'ow' snow     'o_e' home


How many different 'oa' words can you spot in your books?

🐠 Fish Extravaganza 🐠

🎃 Halloween Fun 🎃

We had so much fun joining in with Halloween activities this week! We went on a spooky scavenger hunt outside, carved pumpkins, decorated spooky biscuits, joined with lots of craft and enjoyed some spooky stories! 


After reading 'Giraffes can't dance', we held our own dance via Google meets!

We made our faces using natural materials - do you recognise us?

We have been learning the sound 'ai'.


It can be written in different ways.


'ai' rain     'ay' play     'a_e' cake     'ea' break


How many different 'ai' words can you spot in your books?



Hula Hooping Champions!

A Visit from Harold the Giraffe and the Life Bus!

Why not help your child master their handwriting at home?

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

Please help your children practise their tricky words by watching this video.

Los Colores: The Colours in Spanish Song by Risas y Sonrisas Spanish for Kids

We have been learning how to say the colours in Spanish! Help us practise by singing along at home!

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