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Memory & Retention

We are aware that there is a huge amount in the national curriculum that needs to be covered and that this can lead to surface level learning as opposed to real expertise.  We have identified content across certain subjects (breadth) that can be taught through a daily dashboard.  This content is a mixture of skills and knowledge that we have identified as essential to embed in children's long-term memory. The daily dashboard is a tool that enables teachers to drip feed certain skills and knowledge daily for a short period of time.

This is particularly useful for Music (appreciation), Maths (times tables, time, number bonds etc), Geography (locating countries and oceans and looking at weather patterns), Spanish and the teaching of vocabulary.

Teachers plan explicitly for this.


We believe it is vital to allow children the time for repetition and over learning of key concepts and the curriculum is planned in order to allow the time for this without over loading the children.


Watch the video below for an example.

Daily Dashboard overview (identified content children should retain in their long term working memory across all subjects)

Daily dashboard.mp4

Still image for this video
To ensure children can recall key knowledge over time, we regularly carry out termly daily dashboard assessments.   As a result of these assessments, children have the opportunity to retrieve knowledge from their long term working memory.    
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