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As historians we enjoy researching important people and events.

Year 2 loved learning about the Titanic!


Year 2 loved exploring the events of The Great Fire of London through drama.

Year 6 are looking at different wars and the plight of refugees.
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Year 3 were amazed when the Royal Navy played us a visit.

This helped support their historical unit on the history of the Royal Navy.

In Year 3 we learnt about the navy and explored Old Portsmouth.  We boarded an old navy ship and learnt about the food and conditions they had to live with.

Year 4 have been learning about Edmond Hillary and Mount Everest.
To experience what it feels like to climb a mountain, they went to the local climbing wall.

Year 4 spent the day as Native Americans - it was amazing!

Year 6 enjoyed learning about World Wars at Milestones Museum.

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