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Immersive Learning Environments

At Front Lawn we aim to provide a rich, creative, inclusive , challenging and real-world curriculum that inspires all our children and adults alike.

This approach promotes engagement for all learners.  We use environmental stimuli to enrich a child's experience.  All our classrooms have a variety of flexible learning spaces, which allow children to feel empowered to make daily decisions about how they would like to learn, therefore engaging them further.  As well as this, the learning environment of each class changes with each project that we do so that it reflect a place, event or time.


In addition each Learning Environment will….

• Transport students to a time, place or event beyond the classroom.

• Immerse the student in their learning

• Stimulate all five senses

• Change when the project changes

• Encourage choice of personal learning styles

• Stimulate collaboration and socialisation

• Provoke deeper learning and questioning opportunities.

• Develop and grow as the term progresses.

• Celebrate children’s work.

• Have at least 1 area dedicated to group work with an adult (You may need 2 for the TA to work with a group

Autumn Term Learning Environments

Spring Term Learning Environments

Summer Learning Environments

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