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Year 2

Welcome Year 2

Class of 2023-2024


Year 2 Staff


Beech Class

Miss Hudson

Mrs Wilson

Mrs Caldwell


Oak Class

Mrs Dewey

Mrs Jackson

Mrs Caldwell


Key Reminders

PE Kits- wear into school on Tuesdays.

Book Bags- Please bring into school everyday. On a Friday loyalty cards will be stamped and books will be changed.

Coats- Please bring in a coat everyday as the weather is unpredictable during the winter and spring months.

Gate times- Arrival 8:30am and collection 3:00pm


Reading and Times Tables-

We expect children to be practising their times tables and reading everyday!


Spring 1- 2024

This term we are looking at the Titanic. Year 2 are asking the question

How can we protect our oceans?

Our topic this term is all about the Titanic and we have recently visited the Sea City Museum in Southampton to broaden our understanding of what happened during this disaster!  


This half term we are reading the story ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’ written by David and Ronda Armitage. Our reading and writing is based on this story and we are learning to retell it with actions. Please let your child retell you the story at home. They have been practising lots and have amazing story telling skills!


These songs are really useful to help with our number bonds knowledge. Click on the link below to sing along at home…



In Geography we are looking at the five different oceans. Click the link below to practise the song that helps us remember all 5 oceans…



I Know My Number Bonds 10 | Number Bonds to 10 | Addition Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Number bonds for 10 song. Number bonds are simply the pairs of numbers that make up a given number. Number bonds can also be called number partners or number pairs. Number bonds are a very important foundation for understanding how numbers work. Number bonds create fluency for composing and decomposing numbers for addition and subtraction.

Five Oceans Song



Welcome Year 2

Class of 2021 - 2022


Year 2 Staff 2020-2021

Beech Class

Mrs Chessell (Covering Mrs Davis)

Mrs Joyce 


Oak Class

Mrs Caldwell

Mrs Jackson


Things to Remember:

PE Kits - Wear into school on Wednesday.

Book Bags - Please return every day. On a Friday loyalty card will be stamped, key words tested and phonic reading books changed. Reading for pleasure books can be changed daily. 

Coats - Please send your child in with a coat and hood as we come into the unpredictable autumn and winter weather. 

Gate Times - Arrival: 8:40am and Collection: 3:00pm.

Click on the link below to find out what we are learning about in each subject this term.

'The Mousehole Cat' - by Antonia Barber

This term we are reading a story called 'The Mousehole Cat' by the author Antonia Barber. Our reading and writting lesson will be focused all around this story and we will be learning to retell it but you can also listen to it here.

We have loved our ICT lessons this term.

Here are some of our most recent VIPS!

As designers, we experimented with different ways to make sliding mechanisms.

Whoa! We discovered a bird pie and a letter - could they be from Mr and Mrs Twit?

As Artists, we have been learning how to make sculptures out of clay. It was messy but fun!

We had lots of fun supporting Pudsey for Children in Need

In our RE lessons we thought about the Jewish celebration of Sukkot. We also did some drama, art and self reflection linked to the learning concepts.

Today we found a box with an empty bottle, some cheese and a diary written by a man called Samuel Pepys. We can't wait to find out more.

Our October VIP'S

We had lots of fun at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum.

We have been learning the poem 'I have a little frog'. Ask me to recite the poem to you.

Our September VIP's

United Kingdom Song

We love learning through songs. This one helps us to learn the 4 countries of the UK and their capital cities.

Number Bonds to 10

This song helps us to remember the pairs of numbers that add up to 10.

London's Burning

We have been singing this song linked to our Great Fire of London topic.

Click on the link below to find out what we are learning about in each subject this term.








Goodbye Year 2

Class of 2020 - 2021!


You have been amazing. Have a wonderful summer and come back refreshed and ready for Year 3.

As designers, we have been learning about healthy eating and what a balanced diet looks like. We can name the food groups and identify which food belongs to which. This week we have planned, made and evaluated our own healthy pizza. It was lots of fun and the pizzas were delicious and healthy!

NSPCC Number Day - We loved dressed up in all things number this week. We had clocks, calculators, number sentences, times tables, playing cards and giant colourful numbers all over us! We spent the day completing lots of maths problems linked to jelly beans. As Mathematicians we counted, grouped, numbered, created graphs and charts and reasoned. We ate some jelly beans too to reward ourselves for our hard work! We also had a cake sale. We counted our money, paid for our cakes and checked our change. All the money went to the NSPCC charity to help children who need a little extra support.

Our latest amazing V.I.P's

As Geographers, we have been learning all about Italy. This week we have been thinking about the human and physical features of the country. Do you like our models of Mount Etna and Mount Vesuvius?

This term our topic will revolve around the title 'healthy body, healthy mind, healthy life'. We had a think about who and what makes us happy and the majority of the class felt happiest at the beach having fun with their families. So, we transformed our class into a beach, complete with sundeck, smoothie bar, parasol and beautiful scenery!

Little People Big Dreams! We have been learning about lots of people who worked hard to achieve their dreams, such as Elton John, Amelia Earhart and Greta Thunberg. Afterwards, we were inspired to create our own book of dreams.

As Scientists, we have been learning about fair testing. Whilst we were learning about Amelia Earhart we wondered how planes flew and if size matters. So, we completed an experiment; does a bigger paper plane fly further than a small one. We worked in groups to make 3 different sized planes and tested them fairly.

Giovany - You are our VIP this week! You have had a fantastic first week at Front Lawn, well done!

This week we have been learning about the Titanic. Here we are completing some activities and taking part in an online trip to the Titanic Museum.

We did so much reading at home during lockdown that we were able to visit the book machine once we returned to school!

We are so excited to see everyone back at school on Monday 8th March 2021.

This week we have been learning all about the weather. Here are some of our weather mobiles we created.

Fab Friday - Building dens for a place to relax, chill and enjoy!

Storytelling Week - We have been brilliant story tellers this week. Take a look some of the things we got up to in the pictures below. Can you guess our stories?

Children's Mental Health Week 2021 - This week we have been thinking about our feelings. We completed lots of activities to help us learn that it is ok to feel different ways and what to do when we feel these ways. We encouraged each other to talk about our feelings and to remember to always be kind. We made sure we had lots of time to do things that made us feel happy too!

So, here we go again...Lockdown!


To take some of the pressure of you, we will be providing daily online live lessons for all children through google classroom. Please use the log in and password we sent out last term to log on. We can send these out again if you need it. 

We may be able to loan you a chrome book (mini laptop) if you need it so please let us know if this is something you would be interested in.


Finally, please just do what you can at home, your families wellbeing is the most important thing. 

If there is anything more that we can do to help please do not hesitate to contact us. You can email the Year 2 team directly at or the wellbeing team at 


Remember, you've done this once already, you can do it again! 




Our 2020 VIP's - Very Important People!

We are 'reading at home' superstars! We have all completed 5 FLPA loyalty cards and so were able to visit the book vending machine. We collected a golden coin from Mrs Couldwell and then selected a book to take home and keep!

Gold Band Treat - Today we had a whole afternoon golden time, a selection box and a McDonalds lunch! Out teachers said we truly deserved it!

Our Virtual Christmas Show was lots of fun! Beech Class were the super groovy shepherds 'The Crooks' and Oak Class were the very cool 'Wise Men'. We couldn't have our grown ups in school to watch this year so instead we filmed it. It was a very different type of experience but we were all still amazing! We learnt all our words amazingly and were fabulous singers! You can find it on the Christmas part of the school website.

Christmas Fun!

We love reading all together! Here we are reading 'Lubna and Pebble'. It is a great story all about friendship!

Today we made Coconut Barfi, a traditional sweet eaten during Diwali. It was very sticky but yummy!

We have been using the Beebots in our Maths, RE and ICT lessons.

Children in Need Day 13.11.20

Project 2 Final Outcome - Diversity Welcome Tree

Year 2 Positive Power Heroes! This year, we can earn superhero capes if we show our teachers our Positive Powers in class!