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Year 2

Welcome Back to School, Year 2!

Welcome to the start of Year 2!

We are so pleased to be back at Front Lawn after such a long time of keeping safe at home with our families.


Year 2 Teachers 2020-2021

Oak Class - Miss Ashman

Mrs Martin

Miss Jones (Mon)


Beech Class - Mrs Davis

Miss Smith (Tues, Weds, Fri)

Mrs Joyce (Mon, Thurs) 


Mrs Hills-Reed also teaches in Year 2 on a Monday and Tuesday. 


Things to Remember:

PE Kits - Wear into school on Mondays and Fridays.

Book Bags - Only bring to school on Friday to get your diary checked, key words tested and reading books changed.

Water Bottles - Please bring a named water bottle to school. This will need to be taken home and cleaned daily.

Gate Times - Beech Class: Arrival: 8:40am and Collection: 2:50pm.

Oak Class: Arrival: 8:50am and Collection: 2:55pm

Children in Need Day 13.11.20

Project 2 Final Outcome - Diversity Welcome Tree

Year 2 Positive Power Heroes! This year, we can earn superhero capes if we show our teachers our Positive Powers in class!

Remembrance Day 11.11.2020

Project 2 - Black History Month 2020

Year 2 received a mysterious delivery... this box! It contained a tool, some water and biscuits... plus an interesting new book; 'Henry's Freedom Box'.

After close investigation and excellent prediction making, we finally discovered its owner... Henry 'Box' Brown.

We created this Story Map to help us memorise his adventurous story of his journey from Slavery in Virginia, to Freedom in Philadelphia.



Project 2 - Black History & Equality

Year 2 will be thinking about their new Essential Question:


"What does a successful person look like?"


We will be studying the lives of Henry 'Box' Brown and Emmanuel Ofosu - two very successful men, who have faced many challenges in their lives but have used their positivity and determination to overcome them and succeed at their goals. We will be studying these 2 beautiful stories:




Halloween Activity Day! 22.10.20

Project 1 Final Outcome - Taking home our 'Bags of Thanks'

Project 1 - Recording Year 2's Song - We're All In This Together!

Listen to Year 2's rendition of 'We're all in this together' - a song which we felt was very appropriate during the challenging times we were facing during lockdown. It sounded great as part of our school CDs, which were a key part of our 'bags of thanks'.

Art Project - Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944)

Our Class Story:

Lubna and Pebble                       

Year 2 cannot wait to bring this book home to read with you! We have been studying Lubna's heart-warming tale of her best friend, Pebble, who keeps her safe and comforted as she experiences living away from home. When she meets little Amir and makes a new friend, she realises that Pebble could help him too...

We cannot wait to start sharing this term's Learning Journey with you. 

For our first project, we will be thinking all about 'Rainbows' and giving thanks to all the everyday heroes during the pandemic.

Start thinking about our Essential Question: "Why do we say thank you?"


YEAR 2 - CLASS OF 2019 - 2020


Year 2 home learning ideas

A big hello to all of our parents and children in year 2 during this strange time. We want to help as much as we can so on this blog you will find some home learning tasks that your child will likely be familiar with and can complete independently throughout the week as well as weekly planned activities that your child can complete with some support. These activities are here as a guide only, you can pick and choose what you do and include your own ideas and activities. You know what is best for your family in these unusual times and it is important that everyone is happy and safe. We will pick up where we left off once school returns to normality so please do not put too much pressure on yourselves. 


If you have any questions, comments or ideas then please email us at with Year 2 in the subject box and we will reply as soon as possible. 

We are missing the children and school very much so would also love for you to send us any photographs or videos of the things the children are getting up to at home. 

Thank you for your understanding and support at this time, take care and stay safe. 

Mrs Davis, Miss Ashman and the rest of the Year 2 team. 



Practise reading and spelling these words. How many can you confidently read/spell each week? Try to beat your score.

We love seeing the activities you are completing at home!

Half Term fun! How many acts of kindness can your child complete this week?

Half term fun! Can you guess the name of the book?

Home Learner VIPs 22nd May 2020. Ellie-Rose is our VIP for her continued effort with her work throughout the school closure. She is working hard and producing some fantastic pieces of work, particularly about Florence Nightingale and The Elves and the Shoemaker. She is making myself and her mummy very proud! Well done! The VIP for Oak Class is Paul! Paul has also been continuously putting in lots of effort to his learning at home. During our phone calls, we are really pleased to hear how well he is engaging with different activities and earning rewards. We are proud of you!

Home Learner VIPs 15th May 2020 - Noah is our VIP for impressing me with everything he has been doing! I loved that he has completed a good mixture of activities including spelling practise and particularly loved his information about owls and the moon because it taught me some new facts! I also LOVED the deer cushion he has made. Well done! VIP for Oak Class is Cherish! Cherish is our VIP because she has been very brave during these lockdown times, after taking a tumble on her roller-skates and needing a trip to the hospital to get checked over! She has used her Positive Powers to be very resilient and whilst getting better, she has been a superstar artist at home, drawing me lots of pictures of school, which made me smile!

Home Learner VIP 8th May 2020 - Leah for her amazing attitude and effort towards her learning. Leah is working really hard across lots of different subjects and has produced some fantastic work this week. This includes writing about VE Day, creating her own medals for our heroes and practising her maths skills. Ronnie - Ronnie is my VIP for always being such a budding young Historian! He has impressed us over the last 2 weeks with his dedication to his home learning, including leading his own History research projects about WW2 and Kings and Queens of England. He has also been busy baking in the kitchen and creating his own Van Gogh artwork.

Year 2 Home Learner VIPs Oak - Miley for her dedication to her home learning. She is trying hard with tricky Maths challenges and her handwriting is really improving. I loved her Pandora's Box project work this week too! Beech - Tilly for her continued effort whilst working at home. Tilly has completed work in lots of different subjects and has even planted her own fruit and vegetables! Well done Miley and Tilly!

Just some of the fab work we have seen this week!

Front Lawn staff miss you all!

Still image for this video

Home Learner VIP - 24th April 2020 Leyton - For his detailed character description writing this week. I am proud of his detailed sentences, use of paragraphs and conjunctions. Millie - For the amazing effort she is putting in every day. She has been busy with Science, Maths, Writing and her own hobbies! I especially loved her colourful illustrations to show the 4 countries of the U.K. Well done!

Slow down, breathe and relax.

Competition time - What was the significance of the date on Tuesday 14th April 2020? It was 108 years since the Titanic disaster! Our top 3 are Bailee, Rory and Millie. Well done!

Easter activities

Home Learner VIP - 3rd April 2020 - Daisy is VIP for amazing home learning independently and with her little brother. Ellie has been working hard every day and sending it all in to show me. I especially loved her music and art lesson where she discovered Whitney Houston's I want to dance with somebody and danced around with her mum and brother! I could just imagine her giggling and dabbing!

Front Lawn's Wake Up Playlist created by the staff - Turn it up loud and dance around!

Home Learning Activities for week beginning 30th March 2020

On 17th March 2020 Rory donated his hair to the Little Princess Trust and raised £200! We think this is amazing and are very proud of him. Well done Rory!

2nd & 3rd March - Mini Outcome 2 - A Trip to Hayling Lifeboat Station!

3rd March - As Scientists, we have been studying Biology. We are thinking about animals and their habitats.

26th February - Our new story! The Mousehole Cat

25th February - House Charity PE Day!

12th February - History Trip to Titanic Sea City Museum, Southampton!

11th February - DT Completed Interactive Books!

30th January - RE Big Day - Holi

29th January - Strange happenings in the Olive Room... Non Fiction Writing.

Whole Class Reading - The Titanic by Anna Claybourne

29th January -DT - As designers, we have been learning how to make paper levers and hinges...

28th January - Year 2 Love the Library!

24th January - Diversity Day - Our Act of Kindness

22nd January - Mini Outcome 1 : A Visit from Lauren from ORCA

16th January - Music - Year 2 Keep on Rocking!

14th January - Music - The Return of Rock Steady!

This term's topic... It's a Wonderful World! The Oceans.

Year 2 will be diving into the deep blue sea, thinking all about The Titanic and

the importance of protecting our world's precious oceans and wildlife.




Our Spring Term Essential Question:

How can we protect our oceans?

Welcome Back Year 2! Someone has moved into our corridor over the holidays... Who could it be?


Phew! Year 2 have been so busy practising their singing and acting for our exciting Christmas Performance...

Christmas All Around the World.


Oak Class will be transporting everyone to Christmas in Spain.... OLE!

Beech Class will be taking everyone on a journey to Christmas in Southern USA... YEE HA!

Can't wait to see you all there!


Wishing all of Year 2 and their families a very Happy Christmas!

See you in 2020!  

Our Book Advent Calendar 2019!

A rock star musical visitor on Tuesday!

Another terrible Twits prank has been played on Year 2 this week...

As Designers, Year 2 have been very busy!

We decided that those terrible Twits needed to learn their lesson and so Year 2 have had lots of fun designing and making a pulley system trap in order to catch those nasty villains!

We learnt how to measure accurately, make an axle and load and how to create a structure to hold the pulley system.



As Scientists, this week we have been investigating...

The Properties of Materials

Year 2 have really enjoyed discovering why different materials are suited to different purposes. We were asked to help the Fire Service by investigating which materials are suited to carrying water. We got a bit wet but had great fun investigating and problem solving!


The Twits!

We have had some strange events in Year 2 over the last 3 weeks! It all began when we noticed something mysterious in our corridor... We discovered that someone had caught the Dreaded Shrinks... we decided it must have been those mischievous, nasty Twits! We began learning their story and now we are experts at writing 'defeating the villain' stories.


Author visit

We were very lucky to have local author Elle English visit us last week. We enjoyed listening to her travel tales, reading her story and thinking about our own possible adventures!









October 2019 - Black History Month



Throughout October, Year 2 have been studying the amazing work of black musicians from different music styles. As Musicians, they have enjoyed researching the origins of Jazz music in the 1950s and the legendary Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. They have particularly enjoyed listening to and appraising these songs:


We have also been studying some more modern music from the 1980s and the 'Queen of Rock and Roll' Tina Turner. Year 2 have enjoyed listening to her music and understanding why we should view her as an inspirational lady! We have created a fabulous scrapbook of our work - look out for it in the Upper School library soon! This was voted our favourite tune and we think you'll agree... 


We also took part in an African Storytelling session, learning how historical African tales can teach us valuable lessons - our visitor was amazing!    !


As Historians, Year 2 visited the fascinating Weald and Download Museum to experience real Tudor houses and to investigate building materials from the past...

We had a great day exploring all the buildings, including the amazing working Flour Mill, Tudor Kitchen, Victorian Classroom and the workshop taught us lots of Scientific information about how houses were designed and which materials they were made from throughout History and why. Despite the pouring rain, we had a fantastic day and the children were a credit to Front Lawn - great work Year 2!




After studying the Great Fire of London, Year 2 have realised just how lucky we are to have public service heroes, such as the Fire and Rescue Service. This week we had a special visitor, Firefighter Karen, who taught us about the work of the Fire Service, reminded us of how to keep ourselves and our houses safe and we also learnt this little rhyme:    "Matches and lighters, never touch

   They can hurt us very much!"


As Scientists, Year 2 have been investigating the origins of the Electrical Lightbulb.

Year 2 have been busy adding to their class history timelines this week, learning all about Thomas Edison and his scientific invention of the electrical filament light bulb. They created some amazing art work, fact files and portraits of Edison, whilst also working out how to complete a circuit to light a bulb! Come and see our lovely work in our Science Corridor, just outside the Upper School Hall.


A Tudor Investigation - why did the fire spread so violently and quickly in 1666?

Year 2 have been investigating the materials of Tudor houses and made some predictions about why the fire spread so quickly. To put their theories to the test, they made some model Tudor houses and Mr Leavers arranged them close together, just like they were in Tudor London and showed us how the fire spread from house to house. It was very fast and the children were amazed! 




Our First Story - Toby and the Great Fire of London

Year 2 have been become amazing story tellers and have enjoyed learning Toby's Journey Story set in 1666, during the scary times of the Great Fire of London. The children are excited to bring their very own copies of this book home to add to their home libraries and to share with you.

Here is the story map we used:

Welcome to the new Oak and Beech Classes 2019!

A new school year and the Year 2 Team are very excited to meet everyone!

Miss Ashman & Miss McClintock - Oak Class
Mrs Davis & Mrs Payne - Beech Class

Mrs Lyndon & Mrs Clark - The Olive Tree


For this term's topic, we are thinking about the essential question;
"Who can be a hero?"

We will also be travelling back in time to 1600s London, thinking about the Great Fire of London.

The posts below are for the Year 2 children of 2018 - 2019!



This week we start swimming. Our children can not wait to get in the water and have a go themselves. 



Below is a great website detailing how to do it if the children want to know more.

The story map of our story. Get your children to practice at home. You will be amazed at how much they can remember!

Here is our new story about the adventures of Zainab from Pakistan! 


The adventures of Zainab…. Portal story-Suspense focus

Next to a bustling, overwhelming city in Pakistan was a deflated, depressed girl by the name of Zainab. She always dreamed of being the leader of her country. For many years, the elders of her family bombarded her with insults that she would never amount to anything. This left Zainab in a dark, lonely place.

‘Time to go to school Zainab!’ bawled her mother.


      Mysteriously, Zainab stumbled across an empty cave. In the distance, she could hear a faint sound. A shiver shot down her spine. Her legs wobbled and she almost dropped her schoolbooks. Very overwhelmed, she tried to turn back. Then, she felt something on her shoulder and her body jumped out of her skin. The cave filled with lights and stood there was a magic carpet. Zainab hopped on with curiosity. The carpet flew out of the cave, shot across the sky and before she knew it, the world around her had changed.


     As the carpet stopped on the side of the road, Zainab jumped off and looked at a newspaper… The London Times dated 1923? She almost collapsed. How on Earth had she gone back in time to London? Far away, she could hear cheering and chanting. In the blink of an eye, Zainab walked around the corner and standing there in a huge hat, surrounded by women and placards, was Emmeline Pankhurst.


     Emmeline gave a speech to her listeners ordering the government to lower the voting age to 21. Zainab scratched her head and her eyes squinted. After the speech, she approached Emmeline.

‘Excuse me miss, did you say women are allowed to vote?’ She asked inquisitively.

‘Thanks to me they are little girl. I campaigned for many years and now women over 30 can vote. One day I will make sure that is lowered!’ Emmeline said proudly.

Zainab was overwhelmed with emotion. She had never met anyone so inspirational or a woman who was so strong and powerful.


     As quick as a leopard, the magic carpet brought Zainab back to the cave. She sat on a rock and pondered for a while. A realisation was happening inside her head. Just because she was a woman didn’t mean she could not be the leader and from then on she persevered and reach her full potential.  

A very random kite appeared in our classrooms with a story from Jane and Michael!

Here is one of the stories we learnt recently! 


Mary Poppins- Setting

On an Edwardian street in London was a grand, luxurious townhouse. Inside lived two, sad, little children called Jane and Michael.  Recently they ran away chasing kites and their nanny was so angry that she quit. Mr. Banks, their horrible father, advertised in the paper for a stern, no-nonsense nanny. Jane and Michael really wished that their new nanny would be lovely and kind.


     After a long day of interviewing horrid nannies, Mary Poppins came flying across picturesque parks and tall rooftops to the doorstep of the house. She convinced Mr. Banks to hire her, making it seem like it was his idea. Mary met the children, magically tidied up the nursery through song and then they headed to the park.


     At the park, Mary and the children met an artist and out of nowhere, they magically ended up inside the painting. All around them were dancing horses, crazily dressed people and talking animals singing ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.’ The children were as happy as the winner of a race. When they returned home, Mr. Banks was furious and he fired Mary Poppins.


     The children were solemn and depressed. They begged and begged Mr. Banks to bring Mary back. Every day they sang the song Mary had taught them to try to annoy their father until one day he blurted out: ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!’ It was then that Mary appeared at the door and came back to save the day. The children were ecstatic.


     After a while, Mr. Banks realised that he should spend more time at home with his children and be lovely to them. Happily, Mary left the Banks household to help her next family. Jane and Michael would never see her again… Or would they?

Teaching the children about how the world used to be has been very interesting and the children have loved it! They have been getting into great, meaningful conversations about equality and what it means to be equal.

Welcome back and we hope you have had a lovely half term. Our topic this term is equality and we have been taking a good look at the Suffragettes! If you want to do any learning at home about our topic take a look here...

Here is our non-fiction text...


Could you try and learn it at home too?


The Blobberhoff- Non-Chronological Report



Blobberhoffs are an essential part of the sea that help the majority of animals on a daily basis.


Blobberhoffs are easy to identify because of their immense size. Adult Blobberhoffs will grow to the size of a mansion. Most Blobberhoffs have a gigantic head and twelve long tentacles. They have miniscule brains and eyes meaning they are usually discombobulated.


They are located at the bottom of the ocean, as they are always getting lost in the darkness.


Surprisingly, Blobberhoffs are renowned for solving the most difficult problems in the ocean. Often they do this by accident, as they are so idiotic.


Conservationists are concerned that Blobberhoffs are nearing extinction. We must do all we can to protect this vital species.

On the 11th of February we will be going to the Titanic museum! This is going to be a great opportunity to learn about the Titanic, what happened, different passengers stories and will be a brilliant trip for our year 2 children. 


Stay tuned for pictures. 

Next week on the 4th of February we are taking our Silver and Gold band children to the cinema as a treat for showing us all of the moral compass qualities that making children great! 

Here is our first story we have been learning this term. 



Samson’s Titanic Journey

Samson was apprehensive. He had lived in the shipyard in Belfast since he was a baby but had decided to start a new life in America.  He was going to travel on the new luxury liner – The Titanic! He was fearful of the sea and wasn’t the greatest swimmer but the ship was unsinkable so he pushed his worries away.

As the ship was preparing for its launch, Samson slipped stealthily aboard. Once the Titanic had travelled out to sea, he found a cosy corner beside one of the ship’s boilers and snuggled in his new bed.  The next day, they had reached Southampton. There was a huge buzz of excitement as passengers began to board.

A few days later, Samson had drifted off to sleep in a majestic clock with a belly full of sumptuous food. Without warning, he was woken by a deafening crash.  He hastily scampered outside. Shattered ice slipped and slid across the deck. Titanic had hit a tremendous iceberg!  

All at once, panicking passengers were jumping into lifeboats but there wasn’t enough room for them all. Suddenly there was an earth shattering crack – Titanic had split in two. Samson was plunged into the glacial water. Gasping for breath, he grabbed a piece of driftwood, held on tight and lay shivering with fear.

Two hours later a ship called Carpathia appeared. Samson sighed with relief, climbed into a coil of rope and hid there for days until the ship reached New York. It was too late for some but he was lucky. He had been rescued.

Samson could now begin a new life in America but he would never forget his Titanic adventure.

This term our topic is Oceans and our first aspect of the topic is studying the Titanic.

For our design Technology we have been designing and making pulley systems!

Warbutons were in this week to teach our children about how to make bread and even let them make a sandwich! They gave every child a loaf of bread too. So kind!

Our children attempted to build a bridge in Maths week out of paper! Clearly, we have some architects and engineers in our classes.

We are learning a lot of Spanish this term! We have been really enjoying learning some conversational Spanish, nouns, adjectives, foods, colours, shapes and counting to 20!

We had a whale workshop where a lady from the Whale trust came in and taught us all about whales, dolphins and various other animals that live in the ocean that need protecting. It was great fun! She even brought in whale and dolphin skulls!

We did a drama workshop on the Great Fire of London this term, learning the story, learning lines and some acting!

A quick reminder...



With SATS being at the end of the year and our children working so hard in school, we will not be setting any homework at the moment.


We would love for you to read with your child each night, practice any spelling words from the year 1/2 spellings list (we can provide this if you need it) and practice times tables. (2s, 3s, 5s and 10s) 


Thank you for your constant and on-going support! 



Our story this term is the Twits! Before the half term our story was all about literacy heroes and now we have moved on to villains!

Lots and lots has been going on since we have been back in year 2.


We had a whale workshop where the children got to see real life whale skulls and dolphin skulls.


We went to the cinema and saw Hotel Transylvania 3! 


Samuel Peyps diary arrived and we had to learn the story for him.


We have had parents in seeing our fantastic story telling and reading. 


The Front Lawn fireworks were brilliant. 


Pictures to follow.... 



Great Fire of London hook

Still image for this video
This term we are learning about Heroes and Villains. Our essential question is:

What does a hero look like?

As part of this topic we have been investigating what happened during The Great Fire of London and experimented with this for our literacy hook into our story 'London is burning.'

Hello and welcome back to Year 2!


We have already been working hard in our first week making art, writing short pieces of writing and beginning to learn some Spanish. Stay tuned for our hook to our literacy...



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