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Models of Excellence

The start of each topic will begin with a discussion and analysis of a model of excellence.

The aim behind this is to expose children to what an excellent example of their current learning looks like. For example, this could be an excellent example of a setting description or an excellent example of an impressionistic painting. The model should be age-appropriate and aspirational so children are always aiming to achieve the best they can.

As the model of excellence is established with children at the start of the topic, they should be displayed around the classroom. 

In history, the model of excellence will always be an historical essay.  This is in order to help children build on their prior knowledge of what it is to be a Historian and to enable them to convey the core and facilitating knowledge they have learnt in their topic this term. 

Historical essay Year 5

In geography, the model of excellence will focus on the use of an information leaflet to convey the geographical content and vocabulary the children have learnt that term.  Similar to History, this allows for the children to become experts at expressing their geographical knowledge and building on their prior knowledge of what it is to be a Geographer.  

Models of Excellence

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