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December Reading News

Reading Matters

Here are some of the reasons why reading really does matter and how it can impact and improve children's lives at home and in school. 


1. Good habit for stress reduction

Everyday concerns will keep bothering you unless you do something to divert your mind. Reading gives you that mental space to occupy yourself with something more interesting. When you read a great story, all your stress seems to slip away and relax you since you tend to travel mentally in a different realm. Sometimes while reading, you come across valuable advice or solutions to your problems.

2. Better writing skills

If you read more, you will naturally become good at writing skills. Since your vocabulary and pronunciation improve by reading regularly, it eventually makes you a better writer. We are not just talking about writing fiction, books, novels, etc. Even when writing something in everyday personal and professional life, your writing skills would have improved with regular reading.

3. Can help prepare you for sleep

By lowering your stress hormone, you can also lower your blood pressure and heart rate, helping you feel calm and ready for sleep.


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