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October 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,


As we approach half term, the weather has dropped considerably.   Please can the children make sure they are wearing their school jumpers on PE days and have a coat with them if they would like to wear it during brain break and lunchtimes.    We have been very impressed with the children this half term and the visitors that we have had to the school have reiterated this.  Visitors have commented on how happy the children seem, how polite they are and how hard they are learning in a wide range of subjects - we particularly enjoyed watching the children in Mr Willis' class learning how to play the guitar!   


Staying safe in the community

We have had several complaints recently regarding parents smoking outside the school gates.  Whilst this is clearly not on school property, the complaints have arisen because a child’s coat has been burnt by the end of a cigarette and some parents are concerned that their children are having to walk through clouds of smoke.  Please can we ask you to be considerate of those around you and perhaps wait until you are away from the school gates before smoking.         


There have also been some concerns about the amount of litter being dropped around the school gates.  Again, please be considerate and put your rubbish in the bin. 


Speaking to the class teacher

Please can we ask that if you need to speak to your child’s class teacher that you either wait until the end of the day or phone and ask for an appointment.   At the beginning of the day it is essential that teachers can get the children into class as soon as possible so that their daily morning reading session can start.  


Well done!  

A huge well done to former student Jack Carter, who booked his spot in next weekend's National Junior Championships under-60kg finals in Nottingham with a last-eight victory on Saturday.   Jack has worked hard, training relentlessly and we wish him all the best in the final!


Covid cases

When we are alerted about a case of Covid, we will send a letter if your child is in that class.  This means that you will be able to look out for symptoms in your child and decide on who your child mixes with outside of school.   If you do not receive a letter, this will be because the case is NOT in your child’s class.  


Trips and visitors


It is great to be able to take children on trips again and be able to have visitors in.  Any trips will be planned following current guidance to ensure the safety of your child.  This is the same for any visitors to the school.   Trips and visits planned for the remainder of the term are: 


Year group



Range of children from each class

Visiting artist

Monday 18th October 

Year 6 

Residential trip to PGL 

1st - 5th November 

Whole school

Author visit from Guy Bass

Monday 8th November 

Year 4,5, 6 and Ivy class

Lion, Witch and Wardrobe at the Mayflower theatre

Wednesday 24th November

Year 3 

Hampton Court Palace 

Wednesday 10th November

Year 6 


Wednesday 8th December 

Year 1,2, 3 and Treetops 

Cinderella at the Mayflower theatre

Wednesday 15th December




Reading sheds are now stocked and ready to use across the school.   The children have access to this shed and they can take books to read during brain break and lunchtimes.   

There are also these sheds 

that are placed outside various entrances to year groups.  Please feel free to take a book from these to read with your child/children whilst you are waiting to drop off/collect.  The children are also free to take these books home, read them with you and then bring back and swap for another one.    It would be lovely to see pictures of your children enjoying these books at home/ or before school - these can be sent in via the wellbeing email for the attention of Mrs Grant. 



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